Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Cafe Nine Tonight

Over the next two weeks, there are going to be plenty of really great shows over at Cafe Nine, but I think I might be looking forward to Kelley Stoltz more than anything. The singer/songwriter performs at the State Street venue tonight, so make sure to head over.

Stoltz is a Sub Pop artist, which you know is a good thing. He makes garagey rock that's full of poppy surprises. I like him a lot. OK?
In other news, it's Tuesday, which means we are one day closer to Lou Diamond Phillips calling New Haven home for a few days. Let's all camp out at the Omni, where he's probably staying, until we catch a glimpse. I want to catch a glimpse!


Anonymous said...

I've seen the Register's Sunday piece on His Majesty, and Play mag's expose...yet none have that Ferrucci appreciation for all things Lou.

Perhaps you can entice him into conversation with a couple of thimbles full of that new Starbucks brew...

Anonymous said...

Here's a cool little gem I thought you might be interested in...

The Housing Works Bookstore Café presents
Live From Home:
Freedy Johnston
Dawn Landes
The Jones Street Boys
Friday, April 18, 2008 at 7:30 PM

Acclaimed singer-songwriter Freedy Johnston will headline an eclectic musical evening, with Dawn Landes performing her Kentucky influenced indie-pop, and The Jones Street Boys’ unique bluegrass-rock musical styling.

The Housing Works Bookstore Cafe is located at 126 Crosby Street (one block east of Broadway between Houston and Prince) in NYC. Tickets are only $20.

I've been a Freedy fanatic forever, and Dawn Landes is pretty great too. I can't imagine this being a bad time, even if I don't exactly know who the Jones Street Boys are.

According to the site, you can pick up beer, wine and food in the cafe, and that 100% of the profits go to Housing Works, a non-profit organization that provides housing, health care, job training and many other services for homeless New Yorkers living with HIV and AIDS.

So - how can you go wrong? A terrific show that's supporting a very worthy cause! I'm just wondering how I can skip out of work early that day without the boss noticing...