Thursday, April 03, 2008

Thursday Tidbits

Well hello fine folks out there in cyberspace. This is your blogging reporter, Pat. I'm sitting in the Register newsroom, and I just finished sending Weekend up to the presses about an hour ago. I also just finished making my weekly video preview of Weekend. It'll be on the site tonight. Good times.

So I'm sorry I haven't blogged much this week. Between using all my brain power to come up with a great video, and recovering from my birthday, I've been a bit busy. Anyway, I'm here now, so let's talk about a couple things.

Tonight over at The Space, the very good De Novo Dahl, on the left there, will open for Jesse Malin. I'm a Malin fan, but I'm a huge De Novo Dahl backer. I'm really looking forward to seeing the group tonight. I've never seen them live. I hope to see you all there. Seriously, this should be a really good gig. We'll sip green tea and dance together. OK?

What else? I got a great press release yesterday. Here's an excerpt:

A new Pulitzer-nominated book,titled "Womb Child" is the fascinating story of a fetus named Israel and his nine-month journey "on the inside."The entire story is narrated by Israel-the fetus as he hears and reacts to everything "on the outside." Just intime for Mother's Day, this is a great story for anyone who has wondered what a fetus is really thinking. The book explores what would happen if an individual was never born and the great impact it would have on the entire world.

If you want to purchase this sure-to-be best-seller, go here. Oh, and just so you know, anything can be Pulitzer-nominated if you pay the entry fee. So, no, this self-published book will not be good. But, hey, the press release is too good not to write about. I think it's a prequel to "Look Who's Talking."

Naomi Campbell is in trouble again. Big surprise. This woman needs to lay off whatever drugs she's on. Seriously, if me or you got into this many skirmishes, we'd be in jail. Yep, in the slammer, or the pokey.

The Red Sox have started pretty well this season. It's made me happy. I'm smiling right now. If you could see me, you'd see my grin. I have a big grin. Did I mention I'm smiling?

The New 40-Year-Olds On The Block are reuniting. Oops, did I get that name right? I truly wonder if folks will care. We'll see.

If you were John Cusack, would you want this woman stalking you? Look, if you're going to stalk a celebrity, you should probably be good looking. Of course, you might not stalk then.

My friend, co-worker and video nemesis Joe Amarante (plus my buddy Jay) must be really happy: "Friday Night Lights" is coming back for a third season. And you know what, Joe's also really giddy about this.

I guess that's all I got today. Let's talk tomorrow, after we sip green tea and dance together.

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Anonymous said...

Neglect your blogger pals if you will, please please pretty please swear on a stack of free indie CDs that you'll track down Lou Diamond La Bamba next week at the Shubert and tell us about each and every moment!

Even if you have to stake out the stage door and bribe your way in with chicken tacos, this is once in a millenium opportunity, like seeing Haley's comet or hearing Shatner sing. You cannot disappoint your loyal followers, or the members of the Young Guns fan club.

I doubt I will sleep for the next seven days. Please, young are our only hope.