Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Terrible Tuesdays

I could first talk about all the fun I've been having for the past 20 minutes or so with this big Iron Man action figure I was sent in the mail. I love it when studios send fun things like this to promote their movies.

It makes my day more enjoyable, which is important today because I could also first talk about how Doc Rivers (that's the moron above) is almost single-handedly ruining the Celtics' season.

It's like he totally forgot all the stuff that got the team to this point. My friend Harris and I were talking after the game last night, and I truly believe, and I mean this, that we could have coached a better game than Doc last night. How often can you say that about a sport you stopped playing in high school? I really would have done a better job.

Anyway, enough about this stuff that's truly bothering me in the world of sports, which also includes the Red Sox losing streak that looks to keep going with the team facing Roy Halladay tonight.
Let's talk about other disturbing things instead, yes? How about Vivid Entertainment releasing a Jimi Hendrix sex tape? Seriously, who will pay to watch this? I mean, I don't have the figures next to me, but I think mostly dudes watch porn, so why would one buy a movie based on the promise that they'll get to see a guitar god naked? This makes no sense to me. Some dead female musician, maybe. Jimi Hendrix ... not so much.

All this late-night talk is getting interesting. But here's my issue with it all: Conan has gotten kind of tiring, Leno is just OK, Letterman's monologue is always the worst, Jimmy Fallon makes me vomit in my mouth. So that leaves Jimmy Kimmel, the dude most unaffected by all of this. And, you know what? Jimmy is far and away the best late-night host on television today. Far and away.
Don't tell anyone, but I have a new souvenir. It's all mine. Mine. Mine. Mine.
Little Nicholas sent me this story about Karl Malone. If this doesn't prove that this man is just awful, I don't know what does. At least Roger sent Mindy FedEx packages of cash, right?
And that's it on this end. Enjoy the rest of this beautiful day and make sure to make it over to Cafe Nine tonight to see Scout Niblett. It'll be worth your time.

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Anonymous said...

Three for three - congratulations.

You forgot Craig Ferguson and Carson Daly is your list of despicable late night channel hogs. Both are excellent recommendations for the return of the test pattern.

The reigning kings will always be Snyder and Craig Kilborn (he was as disintered about most guests as we were). Come back Kilby - all is forgiven.

Anyway - enjoy the corn lady tonight. Adios.