Sunday, April 06, 2008

Sunday's Somethings

With the Red Sox locked in a scoreless game, I felt the need to hop on the ol' blog here and agree with all those critics who panned "21." Please, fine readers, do not go see this flick. Normally, when a movie gets such mediocre-to-bad reviews, I just avoid it, but I really enjoyed "Bringing Down The House," the book "21" is based on. Well, the film felt like it was three hours long, and had more montages than an Oscars ceremony. It was awful.

And you know what else bothered me? One of the facts that the movie needs you to accept is that Kate Bosworth is good-looking. This is just not the case. Even with the help of personal assistants, make-up artists, fashion designers and all those other folks working on a movie, she still isn't even really attractive, much less hot. This is the kind of thing that bothers me when you're watching a crappy movie. I just couldn't get past it. That's her and co-star Jim Sturgess above.

So, again, avoid this movie and just buy the book. It's a good read.

Since I'm complaining, let me touch on something else. If you've been watching Red Sox or Yankees games this week, you've definitely seen the damn "magic rings" tire commercial that runs for what seems like 47 minutes. It's awful. Please stop it. Does anyone actually see tire commercials and then actually buy those tires? I mean, don't we as people either buy the tires that the manufacturer puts on our ride, or purchase the cheapest ones possible? Isn't that how things go?

Last night, I enjoyed a Lucky Kat IPA that the fine folks over at Magic Hat had sent me. I was really pleasantly surprised. It was a nice, smooth and hoppy beer. That's what I dig.

Why is Katie Holmes' newest haircut news? Who gives a proverbial poop? I mean, she's another one that's lost way too much weight, found L. Ron, went nuts and is no longer attractive. Look at the photo, she looks 50, and she's like only a year older than me. Poor Katie. I just hope she's free of evil Thetans and well-versed in Xenu.

So Charlton Heston died late last night. As a younger person, I obviously don't remember most of the man's work, and really only have vivid memories of him as president of the NRA. It's kind of sad, kind of like it was sad seeing him have no idea what was going on when Michael Moore visited him.

Beyonce and Jay-Z are now married, I guess. Good for them. I hope they keep making good music.

Oh my god! There's a heir to the "Footloose" crown. I am so very excited. After sitting in Pooh corner for so long, it's finally happening.

And with that, I'm done. I'll be heading out to Wallingford to see Jackson Browne tonight, then over to BAR to catch Wolf Eyes. Maybe I'll see you.


Anonymous said...

It's not Katie's haircut OR L. Ron that have done it.

It's 30.

Well either that or Tom has her continuously sedated on animal tranqs.

Just kidding.
It's 30.

Anonymous said...

Poor Charlton.

His death is blow to gun-toting homophobes everywhere.

The cause of death is yet unknown, but police are said to be searching for "damn dirty apes" for questioning.

P.S. -
Jay-Z has now officially usurped Pee Wee's crown as the "luckiest boy in the world."

P.S. #2 -
Soylent green is PEOPLE!
Either that or this General Tso's chicken has gone REALLY bad...

Anonymous said...

Hey, I SWEAR I'm not a shill, but here are some highlights of the schedule over the next couple of months for the Fairfield Theater Company (located in the old rec department building at the Fairfield train station).

FTC @ StageOne

SUN 20
Jerry Douglas
SAT 26
Christopher Robin Band

Liz Carroll & John Doyle
THU 15
THU 22
The English Beat
FRI 30
Tab Benoit

SAT 14
Tinsley Ellis
TUE 17
Tom Tom Club

FRI 25
Loudon Wainwright III

I already have my tix to Jerry Douglas, Tom Tom Club and the English Beat (and I'm thisclose to picking up a couple for Scrapomatic). Saw Loudon here last summer and he was fantastic. StageOne is such an intimate setting for these shows, you won't be sorry if you make the effort to come down.

Anyway, I realize it's outside the invisible fencing that surrounds the Elm City, but I hope to see you at one of these great shows!