Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sunday Somethings

Man, oh man, I've been horrible updating this here blog the last two weeks. I really don't have a reason, except that I've been real busy. What are you going to do? I'll tell you what I'm going to do: I hereby make a resolution to update this every day this week. We'll see how that goes.

One thing I forgot to mention last week was my visit to the new Prime 16, a burger joint and tap house on Temple Street in downtown New Haven. I love places with lots of beer, and Prime 16 does not disappoint. I went with friends Brandon and Shiloh Kinne, and we all thought the place was good. And we're picky. You have to love the ol' Dogfish 90 Minute IPA. I sure do.

Speaking of beer, Sam Adams' Summer Ale is out and about now. I absolutely love that beer. It's my favorite ale, except for Cisco's Whale's Tale Pale Ale. And, for some reason, Summer Ale always tastes better in Boston, and last Tuesday when I went to the Red Sox game, let's just say I loved my few pints.

Last night, during a fun conversation at Jack's Bar and Grille, a couple friends and I were talking about one of my all-time favorite movies, "Student Bodies." After years of not being available on VHS or DVD, it looks the like comedy finally, miraculously, comes out on DVD in June. I plan to find the director/writer and do a piece on this monumental release. I can't wait. That's a pic of the DVD above.

What a weekend for music this was. I was at Cafe Nine Friday for the "It Happened ... But Nobody Noticed" party, and it was better than expected. The bands really sounded good. As always, The Furors were great, but other groups including The Plan, The Excerpts and The Poodle Boys also made me happy.

On Saturday, I was at Daffodil in Meriden. Good stuff. One of my favorite days of every year is when I get to see Mark Mulcahy perform. Well, the former Miracle Legion frontman did not disappoint. Mighty Purple also put on a very good set, despite the fact that Steve and Jonny hadn't played with the rhythm section before.

So I guess that's it from this end. I'm going to continue writing some album reviews and watching basketball.

By the way, some of you have asked about posting comments. Yes, I changed the settings so that I have to approve comments before they're posted because I was getting dumb comments about the JRC a couple weeks back. This isn't a corporate blog. It's for my own personal fun, and there's nothing fun about stock. Nothing.

OK, have a good night. We'll talk tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Well, we'll hold you to that "every day" posting thing.

Daffodil was pretty great - it was tough to leave the tents where the music was ongoing. One of the few great end to end music lineups every year. And fortunately, the weather cooperated most of Saturday.

Sadly, one of the few times we DID leave the fest was to check out the new Harold and Kumar. Perhaps too much expectation is a bad thing. Or in this case, an unfunny, bad thing. I thought it was just me. But my two companions - who laugh at pretty much anything, especially after an adult beverage or two - barely chuckled. Ditto for the audience around us. On the plus side, the trailer for Pineapple Express looks pretty freakin' hilarious. Oops - gotta curb that expectation.

Anyway - good preview video last Friday - minimal props and lots of music news. You seemed curious about that whole Scout name thing. I'm sure the Mockingbird reference is lost on most people - more than likely, they know Scout as Bruce and Demi's daughter. I'm more curious about the Niblet part. This woman is named after corn. Well, I guess it was either Niblet or Scout Cob. Or Ear. Or Whole Kernal. But I digress...

My big news of the day - check that, my big news of the day, the week and perhaps the century - I got to see an advanced screening of Speed Racer. Now, we faithful bloggers don't ask much Pat, but...pretty please devote the lion's share of your May 9 Weekend issue to this?! OK, OK...I know...too much expectation is a self-proclaimed bad thing. But this is every bit the fan boy fantasy I'd hoped for. Yes, it's a little long. Yes, the story's a wee bit convoluted for its own good (or the good of the mass audience). But oh MAN, Pat, those Warchovski boys have put some AMAZING visuals up on the screen - and any kid who ever grew up playing with Hot Wheels, or who has ever seen the original cartoon will LOVE this puppy! I cannot WAIT until it opens so that I can go again, and HOPEFULLY find somewhere in the region that's showing it in IMAX. They will have to pry me out the seat at night when they close the theater -that's how much a love this thing.

Alright, alright...I'll try to take it down a notch. I'm sure you've never seen the cartoon. And I'm sure that you and Little Nicholas were too young to be part of the whole Hot Wheels phenomenon. But hey - who doesn't like tricked out race cars, Christina Ricci with a page boy, and - of course - the freakin' monkey?! (Chim Chim for the uninitiated).

Next to Indiana Jones and X-Files, Speed Racer was the movie I most wanted to see this summer. Well, summer's not even here yet, and I've already got a great big grin on my moviegoing face. Speed Racer is cool, cool, cool. May it make a trillion dollars at the box office, and may the DVD gods get it in our - OK, my - hot little hands by Christmas.

That's all for now. Work in a few hours, so sleep is - alas - a necessity. Over and out....

Caldor said...

didn't a guy named "the stick" play the janitor in student bodies?

Pat Ferrucci said...

I love The Stick! He's my idol, a gentleman and a scholar.