Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hello, Fine People In Cyberspace

How's it going? It's been a hectic week, one that included just filming a March 27th Weekend Preview. Get excited.

So what else is up? Well, my good buddy Jenny Owen Youngs will release her sophomore album, "Transmitter Failure," on May 26. This is exciting, especially since Jenny says this one will be very different than her debut, "Batten the Hatches."

Longtime local music fans may remember Jenny, a New Jersey native, as the folkie in a school girl outfit playing The Space constantly back in good ol' 2004. I think I may have written the first piece of press she ever received. Anyway, congratulations to Jenny for finally finishing "Transmitter Failure."

Just something to think about that I've been hinting at in Weekend for a couple weeks: Tuesday's show at Daniel Street with Asobi Seksu will be opened by Team Boo. Never heard of that band? Well, there's a reason. That's the name of an album, though. And if you know the record, you may know the band opening.

It seems Bruce Willis has a new, effective way to meet women. Good for him.

Winnie Cooper is now married. Is everyone OK with that?

Speaking of marriage, Dawn Landes, who will hopefully someday take me as her husband, has a new video. Let's watch it:

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