Monday, March 16, 2009

She's Still Coming, But ...

In what should come as no surprise in a tour fraught with problems, Britney Spears has postponed her March 26 performance at Mohegan Sun, but it sort of, kind of, makes sense.

Instead of journeying to Uncasville next week, Spears will reschedule the show for May 3. This actually makes a whole lot of sense because the performer is already playing in the Arena on May 2. So instead of bringing her huge stage setup and entourage to our fair state twice, she'll do it only once.

All tickets for March 26 will be honored May 3, but refunds are available at the point of purchase. And this means that I get to put off reviewing this show for another month. Woo-hoo.

1 comment:

sj said...

i so wanted to go to this concert. stop laughing. am totally serious. i love me some crazy.

but alas, will be in mexico when she's here.