Thursday, April 30, 2009

And ... Video!


Anonymous said...

Wow, I can't believe someone felt compelled to bleep out "*#%@!bag" when it's abundantly clear to anyone with a pulse that Matthew McConaghy (sp?) clearly is a *#%@!bag with a capital *#

I read an interview with him in People where they questioned him about not using deoderant. He claims, "If my smell bothers people, I'll use it " (or something to that effect). What a guy. A god among *#%@!bags.'s my BIG whoop-de-doo scoop of the week. Last night, I got into a press screening of Star Trek, out next week. Now mind you, I was never a Trek fan. Not of the original Trek, not of Next Generation, not of Deep Space 9, or not of..any of those other ones whose names I cannot remember. But man oh man, this one is good! JJ Abrams strikes gold again. Lots of action, good effects, and even Nimoy thrown in as old Spock for good measure (he meets young Kirk who time travels and ... oh never mind). Anyway, that guy from Heroes is in it playing young Spock, and there's a really hot young Uhura, and...Well, let's just say, it's WELL worth your eight bucks next week. I may even go again...and pay this time.

Oh yeah...glad you're back in living color again! Hey, May's the sorta start of summer, and good weather, and minor league ball, and outdoor patios with beer, and, well...things are looking up.

Anonymous said...

The older I get, the more I enjoy the idea of attending my friend's annual Kentucky Derby party. You get to dress up, eat up, drink up, and still be home before 8.

Oh sure, you'll be rockin' out to Britney, so what do you care?

Remember...Seth Rogen gets LOTS of free beer....