Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hump Day Happiness

Let's start with the last song I listened to. Here's a video:

As we all wonder how it's possible that a football player driving at almost double the legal limit can kill a man and only spend 30 days in a jail, while another one can be involved in a dog-fighting scandal and spend almost two years in the pokey, it's time for a blog entry.

But, seriously, how sick is our world that this is the case? Look, I love dogs just as much as the next guy who's never had a pet in his life, but we get so fired up about anything to do with animals, that we look dumb when something like this happens. There's been no outcry about Donte Stallworth's crime. People are complaining about the sentence now, but where was all this back when it happened? Yet, Michael Vick's been thought of as the devil for a long time now. And anytime we publish anything about cruelty to animals in the paper, you should see the hateful, "give him the death penalty" comments we receive. Killing a person? Ho hum.

In other stupid news, I don't want to ever hear anything else about this dumb Letterman/Palin feud. Maybe it'd better if the joke was actually, you know, funny.

The future of Catholicism? Here it is. There's no way the church can continue to let priests marry and to hope they'll be enough to go round when all the old ones die off.

Well, speaking of god, thank god for this: I do not want to see that movie made.

On the other hand, I would very much like to see this movie made.

So now we know how Rebecca Gayheart keeps her skin looking so iconically good.

The new version of "Melrose Place," which is sure to bad, premieres on Sept. 8. My mom, who used to force me to watch it with her and my dad, will surely be happy.

Um, this is why I think tattoos should be illegal.

Dinosaur Jr. fans should click this link. Just do it, OK?

I caught Arts & Ideas' "Circus" last night, and, I have to say, I'd recommend it. I really enjoyed the odd little theatrical-dance piece.

And with that Arts & Ideas note, this blog entry is "over. Ovah. Ovah," to quote a wonderful song from Marillion.

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