Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Saddest Story Ever Told

I'm sitting at my desk crying. This is awful. I wish I could have been there to save some. Oh, the humanity!


sj said...

I was just in Swanton a few weeks ago, as it is the closest actual town with a full-on grocery store and full-service Dunkin Donuts near the lakehouse I was staying in.

Trust me when I tell you that free beer would not have been wasted in Swanton.

Anonymous said...

word on the street says it was busch, so it's not that unfortunate.

beer is measured in pounds?

Pat Ferrucci said...

Busch or no Busch, that beer could have been put to good use. I would have licked the ground.

I'm also sure the fine people of Swanton need beer since there's nothing in their town (if I went there for vacation, I would go nuts), but right here in New Haven that beer could have gone to good use too. The Elm City needs beer too.