Monday, August 21, 2006

Breakout (the good news)

Last year around this time, I got addicted to a TV show. As someone who rarely watches anything regularly (except sports, "Curb Your Enthusiasm" and the sadly dead "Arrested Development"), this was hard. I hate being a slave to the television, meaning having to watch it at a certain time every week.

Anyway, me and "Prison Break" became good friends. I watched the first 10 or so episodes religiously, but then a scheduling change made it impossible to catch it. So, thankfully TV Editor Joe Amarante got the DVD box set in the mail just before I went on vacation and gave it to me, knowing how much I loved the show.

Let's just say that "Prison Break" has comforted me through the pain of the Red Sox vomiting all over a baseball field. I watched all 22 episodes in a couple days. Yes, that is sad; I admit it.

Well, the second season of the show begins tonight. As Joe says in his column from last week's Weekend, it sure seems like the drama will turn into "The Fugitive" in Chicago. I don't care though. I need to know what happens.

Joe's lucky I'm not in town or I would have held him at gun point until he gave me the disc featuring the two new episodes the network sent him. I'm feeling like a junkie who needs "Prison Break" and not smack.

That's it from this very sad slave to the television.

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