Thursday, August 31, 2006

Dull throbbing

I woke up with a hangover this morning, but it wasn't from any alcohol.

I don't wear earplugs at shows, but I always think about putting them in before seeing Dinosaur Jr. or J Mascis solo. I should have listened to my inner voice, which was saying, "Put some damn ear plugs in, Pat. You'll regret not doing it. Fine then, don't. You're stupid."

Today, my ears are in pain and my head is throbbing, all from the aural sonic onslaught that is Dinosaur Jr. Even though the trio had its gear stolen earlier in the week, it still showed up and played Toad's last night.

A healthy, almost sold-out crowd was on hand to see it. What a show.

The band sounded even better than when I saw this reunion tour last summer in Boston. The fog machine was pumping and J had more feedback coming from his mountain o' amps than I've heard in a long time. Spinal Tap could have been mocking J when they talked about amps that go to 11.

Ending with an encore that included "Just Like Heaven" and the band's sort-of-anthem "Freakscene," the show didn't stop attacking with screeching guitars and pounding bass and drums for a full 70 minutes.

I'm glad I got my fill because I don't think I'll be hearing anything the same for a couple days.

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