Thursday, August 31, 2006

Would this fly?

It seems Register columnist Catherine Galasso-Vigorito has started a few product lines. One of which lets readers purchase autographed photographs of her for $15.

So here's the question, dear readers: Should I do the same? Come on guys, let me know.

Would you buy an autographed photo of me for $15?

Would you even take one if I gave you $15?

I didn't think so. It all makes me sad.


Guess who said...

I'll take one, Pat. $5 or the new M.Ward CD, your choice.

James Velvet said...

As long as you donate the money to a Christian charity, I believe it would be proper.
I bought "Modern Times." At the same time I bought a Dylan Blues Anthology. I loaded them both on my portable player. -- I have yet to hear a note of MT because I cannot stop listening to "Blind Willie McTell" which I'd never heard before. It is the most perfect and beautiful blues I've ever heard, and it makes me sad. I've never known 6 minutes to go by so quickly, and at the end I'm drained. I better start listening to MTimes, or I'll hurt myself.
Don't forget: donate the money to a good Christian charity, just like C. V-G would.

Pat Ferrucci said...

I've heard "Blind Willie McTell" from the Bootleg series box. Don't know if this is the same version, since I don't have the Blues Anthology. Great song.