Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Tyra, Tyra, Tyra

I swear to you that I would admit it if I was a closet fan of Tyra Bank's talk show. I really have no shame. But, I happened to flicking through the channels this morning while having some breakfast and came across an episode.

Now, I've seen the show before, and although Tyra always looks quite fetching, the thing that astounds me is how condescending and motherly she is to every guest. It's like no matter who they are, Tyra's going to treat the person like a child. Treating her guest from today like a kid could only be bad for this person.

Today's episode was about fears. I only saw a bit, but there was a woman, who must have been about 25, who had a fear of gnomes, you know the glass or plastic things that Travelocity loves? Anyway, she runs away from them when she sees them in people's gardens. People have even tormented her by putting them in her bag, car, etc.

Now I understand people have fears. But this is ridiculous. On the show, the woman cried and shook whenever she saw a gnome. And then Tyra walked her over to a bunch of them and the guest freaked out. Of course, Tyra told her that under one of the gnomes was a Tyra sticker that signified a trip to Europe.

So the petrified woman went and picked up a couple gnomes to find the trip, all the while with tears streaming down her eyes.

The episode was about curing folks of their fears, but how can you help a woman who fears garden gnomes? This was an adult.

I would wager to say that anyone with that irrational of a fear, one that tears up and runs away from garden gnomes, has much bigger problems. Let's be serious, this woman has to have a lot more issues.

It was absolutely hysterical to watch, though. I was tearing up laughing at her. Does that make me a bad person?


Anonymous said...

I saw that today in NZ, what a joke. People can have strange fears, once saw a documentry of a woman scared of glitter.... yup glitter.

Took weeks of treatment to get over it. Yet on Tyra you only need to through in a trip to Europe and the a cured.

Maybe Tyra missed her calling, she should have been a theapist!

Trya SHow needs to screen the guests and check to see if they are fakers

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