Wednesday, August 02, 2006

From the mouth of the Wolf Den

I caught Soul Asylum tonight (Tuesday) at the Wolf Den in Mohegan Sun and have to say it was a pretty good show, much better than I anticipated. The band was tight, but sloppy enough to make it feel like a garage band was performing.

What's kind of odd is that guys are more than a decade past their "prime," but this was actually the best show I've seen them put on. The tunes from the new record held up nicely amongst older hits. And, for the first time, I saw the guys do "Cartoon" live. That made me a happy boy.

Here's a setlist from the show; take note of all the older tunes performed.

"All is Well"/ "Misery"/ "Bittersweetheart"/ "Lately"/ "Black Gold"/ "Without a Trace"/ "Crazy Mixed Up World"/ "My Own Devices"/ "Cartoon"/ "Whatcha Need"/ "Sometime to Return"/ "Close"/ "Runaway Train"/ "Closer to the Stars"/ "Oxygen"/ "Bus Named Desire"/ "Stand Up and Be Strong"/ "Somebody to Shove"/ Encore: "Summer of Drugs"/ "Just Like Anyone"

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