Friday, August 18, 2006

Philly in a nutshell

Let's talk about the good and bad about Philadelphia.

The good:
  • Had a couple cheese steaks and those made me smile broadly. My belly felt a little upset, but, golly gee, I ate me some meat and cheese and it felt good.
  • The Phillies won three of four games against The Mets. I will forever have a man-crush on Pedro Martinez, but I can't bring myself to root for Willie Randolph, one of the worst managers in baseball, no matter what anybody says. Just watch his in-game decisions, then remember the NL East is, by far, the worst division in baseball.
  • Citizens Bank Park is very nice, with great sightlines, from both your seats and the concession stands. It does, however, sit in the middle of nowhere and there's no charm to the ballpark. It's just a nice place to see a game.
  • Everything's cheap in Philly. Yes, you read that right: Even beer is considerably less expensive at both regular bars and at the games.

The bad:

  • Nothing was bad about the city, but let's talk about the experience I had after Thursday's baseball game. I got on the subway. A guy with a Jose Reyes shirt stood in front of me and looked like he was dumping water out onto the train's floor. I took a better look and noticed that it was, in fact, pee running down his leg. Yep, the dude was standing there in his black jean shorts and peeing himself. All the while what's he doing? Text messaging. After a few minutes, the obviously drunk twentysomething dropped his Tom Gordon poster in the pee, and then picked it up. How about that?

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