Friday, August 18, 2006

My friends ...

I'm sure this will happen a lot in this here blog, but I had to post something e-mailed from a friend of mine.

This is also a warning to everybody: Anything e-mailed, said, mailed or whatever to me could make its way on here.

Anyway, my buddy Will, who I went to college with, sent me this, proclaiming himself a psychic.

Me and Jen were watching "Miss Teen USA" this week, I think it may have been on Monday. That's what you do when your wife is pregnant.

Anyway, Jen watched the initial "meet the contestants" portion and picked Miss Maine to win the whole thing. (She didn't even make the top 15 ... loser). I wasn't watching, but Jen still wanted me to make a pick, so without having seen what anybody looked like, I pick Montana (photo to the right).

It seems like an arbitrary choice, but, BAM, Montana wins "Miss Teen USA ." Thank you very much.

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Will said...

Wow, this guy, Will, sounds like a smart guy...and handsome.