Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Nick's Picks

Mine are up, so like last round, I'm letting my little brother give you his opinion on these series. Little Nicholas did even worse than me last round, not predicting anything correctly. But we both start with a clean slate in round two, and, hey, it looks like he won't be angering Mets fans, at least.

Here they are:

Tigers vs. A's
This will definitely be a better series than the NLCS; both teams seem to be more evenly matched. But, I am just not sold on Detroit.

I do not think Bonderman and Verlander can repeat their performances from the ALDS. They were very tired coming down the stretch and might be spent from the ALDS. And I am almost POSITIVE that Kenny Rogers can and will not have a repeat performance. I am not sure if that was even him on the mound last Friday.

I like Zito as the best pitcher for either team in this series, and the A’s rotation seems to be deeper especially with a healthy Harden. Both teams have great bullpens, but I give a big edge at closer to the A’s. I have no faith or confidence in Todd Jones and if you’re a Tigers fan, neither should you. Actually, Detroit as an organization is completely moronic for not having Zumaya or, at least, Rodney close.

As a Yankee fan, my only rooting interest is just to watch good baseball. But, I will say hopefully that if the A’s win, we can stop hearing stories about how Jim Leyland is a great manager because he wears cleats. I am not to sure that his Mizuno cleats have much to do with Zumaya throwing 105 MPH or Verlander being ridiculously good for a rookie. I don’t know, maybe it’s just me, I mean he does look kind of sexy wearing the cleats and smoking those Marlboro Reds.

Oh yeah, does anyone else think Pudge needs to eat a Big Mac or something? I don’t know, maybe just a chocolate shake?

Prediction: A's in 6

Cardinals vs. Mets
Am I the only one who finds it incredible that Jeff Weaver is pitching game one for a team in the NLCS? It just shows that besides Carpenter, who is great, the Cards really just don’t have any pitching.

Now I know their mediocre rotation and bullpen looked good against the Padres, but I am not buying it. I don’t see them performing as well against the Mets lineup, which was by far the best in the NL all year.

I mean the Padres actually had Josh Bard batting cleanup. JOSH BARD!! I give the Cards two games in this series because Carpenter is so much better than anything the Mets can throw out, the only pitcher on either team capable of shutting down a lineup.

Although if Willie continues to manage like the village idiot, well, then, all bets are off. He might want to let his starting pitcher actually throw more than four innings a game or his old, tired bullpen might fall apart.

You sure can tell he learned under Joe Torre. (Please see, Proctor, Farnsworth, Villone, or any Yankee reliever really.) But hey, they are awesome in those Subway commercials together, where Willie’s Apollo Creed mustache really looks yummy. Low fat you say?

Prediction: Mets in 6

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