Sunday, October 01, 2006

Sunday Morning Quarterback

Well guys, not much time this week, so you're just getting my picks, not so much commentary. Next week, I'll rank the teams and throw out some picks. So here's this week's choices:

Last week: 10-4
For the season: 23-7

Arizona at Atlanta: Falcons 17-13

49ers at Chiefs: 49ers 13-7

Colts at Jets: Colts 28-20

Saints at Panthers: Panthers 24-10

Chargers at Ravens: Chargers 21-10

Vikings at Bills: Vikings 16-7

Cowboys at Titans: Cowboys 24-3

Dolphins at Texans: Texans 19-10

Lions at Rams: Lions 21-17

Patriots at Bengals: Bengals 35-24

Browns at Raiders: Browns 13-3

Jags at Redskins: Redskins 24-17

Seahawks at Bears: Hawks 28-13

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