Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Tuesday releases

Wow, it's finally here. Any music fan has been salivating over today.

It's on these weeks that it's just a bit depressing (I stress a bit) that I get these CDs weeks early. A decade ago, I would have gotten up incredibly early after not being able to sleep and zoomed over to the local Newbury Comics to pick up five or six new albums today.

So here's the top-seven releases of the week, with my star rating. If you pick up Weekend Friday, you can read full reviews of The Decemberists, The Hold Steady, The Killers, Beck and The Dears.

The Decemberists"The Crane Wife"
two-and-a-half stars

The Hold Steady"Boys And Girls In America"
four stars

The Killers"Sam's Town"
two stars

The Dears"Gang of Losers"
three stars

Beck"The Information"
three stars

Lindsey Buckingham"Under the Skin"
three-and-a-half stars

Evanescence"The Open Door"
one star

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