Thursday, October 05, 2006

Super What?

Earlier this week, the new single from Rock Star Supernova appeared in my mailbox. Let me be honest for a second: I never watched the show. I didn't want to feel sad for Gilby, just couldn't do it.

So I popped in "It's All Love" and let me just say, frankly, it's far from love, my friends, far from love. You've got Tommy Lee, Gilby Clarke and Jason Newsted, so you would think they'd come up with something less girlie than this tune. And, yeah, I just used the word "girlie" to describe a song featuring members of Motley Crue, Guns 'N Roses and Metallica.

It's not like the song is bad, just incredibly mediocre. I expected more, but, then again, this did come from what I can only assume was a supremely bad reality TV show. How can these former metalheads debut with a power ballad?

I've heard this type of music before and it included Ted Nugent and Tommy Shaw. You get my drift?

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