Sunday, November 11, 2007

A Couple Odd Ones

You couldn't even make up something like this story. Basically, a woman, who I hope was at least attractive, went to a bank to get a loan. Her credit stunk, so, of course, that loan wasn't forthcoming. But luckily she was in the office of a bank manager who came up with the only logical conclusion for this predicament: Why doesn't the woman just give the bank manager sexual favors for a loan from his pocket? Makes sense.

Well, the bank manager didn't have the cash either, so he did another very logical thing: He embezzled funds. Everything seems normal, right? These are the things rational people do. It's the next part that's amazing.

The woman's cousin got suspicious about where the woman was getting the money, so she called the bank manager. Now, he's not a liar, so he told the cousin exactly how the woman was getting her money. So what does the cousin do? Of course she starts blackmailing the bank manager, who, incidentally, is a married man with kids.

Of course that's what happened. Of course.

In other fun news, I guess you can't just throw stuff away anymore. According to this story, if you have any remaining pills from an old prescription and want to get rid of them, well, of course you should put them into animal poop and flush them down the toilet. Yep, that's the first thing I would have thought to do.

Hope you're enjoying your Sunday. It's been a good weekend, huh? "Bill & Ted's" was better than I remembered, James Velvet and the Ivory Bills were great at Cafe Nine last night, Yale won and that means my column from next week's Yale-Harvard game will be more fun and, lastly, I sat at Koffee on Orange for about four hours today and it was great. Great.

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