Friday, November 02, 2007

So Let's Talk ...

So to answer the question everyone keeps e-mailing me: Nope, I've not heard from anyone with a boatload of cash looking to front me in my bid to purchase the Cutters and turn Yale Field into the best bar in the city, or at least in West Haven. Maybe we still have a little time?

All you folks e-mailing and calling me about my Britney Spears review: Stop! I don't care what you think. The record stinks. It smells like a public bathroom that hasn't been cleaned in weeks. Just thinking about it makes me want to convulse, drop into the fetal position and cry. I can't take it. And no, I don't think all of her albums smell bad, just this one. And to Mark S., who calls me a prude because I don't want to hear simulated sex noises in my music? Well, if that makes me a prude, I guess I am.

What else is going on? Well, I got a few e-mails from folks a little disappointed the Register didn't run a full article about Band of Horses coming to Toad's Tuesday. Don't worry, guys, that's coming Monday. Check out the Life/Styles section. It'll be right next to Catherine Galasso-Vigorito's column ... just where it belongs.

Whether us music fans want to admit or not, this weekend's biggest event is easily Pats vs. Colts. I'm going to be a lil' homer and pick the Patriots to come out on top in rout. Yep, you heard it here first, 42-24 Pats.

Over the past couple weeks, I've seen four movies: "Gone Baby Gone," "Dan In Real Life," "Reservation Road" and "The Darjeeling Limited." Here's some quick reviews:

"Gone Baby Gone" - Make sure to check this one out. Who knew Ben Affleck could direct? Seriously, some great acting and the script is much better than "Mystic River," which was also based on a Dennis Lehane book. And the actors give us much better Boston accents than the ones in "River" or, gasp, "The Departed."

"Dan In Real Life" - I know, I know, I probably shouldn't have liked this, but I did. It's way better than any movie with an obvious ending should be. You might want to save it for DVD, but not a bad option for a day you just can't figure out what to do.

"Reservation Road" - A friend and I went straight from "Dan" right into the "Reservation Road" theater, a break only for an unsurprisingly awful 15-minute visit to Cafe Bottega. This one's a bit harrowing, a film to see only if you're like a me: a person whose mood can't be changed by a depressing movie. I really liked it. Although, I must say, Joaquin Phoenix with his shirt off is a frightening sight. It's like he's a humpback.

"The Darjeeling Limited" - OK, so my favorite movie is "Bottle Rocket." I would have called Wes Anderson my favorite director until "The Life Aquatic" put me to sleep. With all that said, "Darjeeling" is garbage. It stinks. Don't see it. I wanted to laugh; I tried to laugh; I faked laughter ... nothing worked.

So let's see, this weekend I'll probably check out "American Gangster" because my brother, Little Nicholas, is visiting and he wants to see it.

I saw "1776" at Goodspeed last night. Nothing makes me giddy like democracy in action. I wanted to see the musical because I had to watch the movie of the same name in eighth grade social studies class and remembered really enjoying it. Yep, it was fun, a tad long, though.

What else? Well, the Celtics open their season tonight. I'll watch and hope that my favorite basketball team is relevant again. We'll see ...

I guess that's it. My November resolution is to blog more. Wish me good luck with that ...

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