Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Quick Hits

Band of Horses at Toad's Place did not disappoint last night. Although Play editor Jeff Petrin thinks it may have been the best show he's ever seen, I'd disagree and just say it was really good. And when a good show is going on, Toad's is just one of the best places to be. Sure the venue can be annoying in some ways, but on a good night, it's truly great. And last night, the crowd was into it, and, all and all, it was the best show I've seen at Toad's in a while. Plus, you can't beat those Red Stripes. I only drink Red Stripe at Toad's, and it makes me happy.

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It seems like Winona Ryder is dating another musician, this time Blake Sennett of Rilo Kiley, who's one ugly and tiny man, yet very talented. Why oh why won't Winona just date me? She's only a few years older ...
And, finally, Ed Asner is getting a divorce. I only mention this because I picked Eddy in a death pool with some friends like seven years ago. I saw him on TV one night and he looked bad, Quaker Oats guy-bad, so I picked him. He's so alive that he's still ticking off wives. Man.
I guess that's about it. It's time for me to go home for the evening. Well, go home and eat and then go do some fun stuff. Well, it may not be fun. Well, it'll probably be OK. Maybe I'll see some music? I don't know. The options are unlimited. Really?
Have a good night, people. We'll be back tomorrow with some updates on what you can expect in Weekend Friday. OK? Sleep tight.

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Talking to Walls said...

yeah, that show was really good. got some great photos too.