Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Clearing The Desk — Online Edition!

So my weekly column is called Clearing the Desk because when I started it about four years ago, I thought it would be a good place to get a ton of little notes that didn't fit anywhere else in the paper. Somehow, well I know how, it's morphed into a more traditional column, a traditional column that uses the word poop a lot. Anyway, here's a bunch of things I would have gotten in to my column a few years back, but probably won't have the room this week. Enjoy.

Saturday's "Sweetheart of the Rodeo" fundraiser went off even better than expected. I had a great time. Cafe Nine was sold out; they stopped letting people in. How often does that happen? Answer: a couple times a year. It was a great feeling to know that a good cause and good local music could sell out the place. I loved, seriously, all the bands' performances, but I particularly dug The Sawtelles' take on "Life In Prison." Here's the setlist:

"You Ain't Going Nowhere" — Eric and Sandra Lauren Lichter
"I Am a Pilgrim" — Mercy Meadows
"The Christian Life" — Mr. Ray Neal
"You Don't Miss Your Water" — Lys Guillorn
"You're Still on My Mind" — Frank Critelli
"Pretty Boy Floyd" — Shandy Lawson
"Hickory Wind" — The Freewheelin' Chris Bousquet
"One Hundred Years from Now" — James Velvet and the Ivory Bills
"Blue Canadian Rockies" — Mercy Choir
"Life in Prison" — The Sawtelles
"Nothing Was Delivered" — PonyBird

The photo above of The Sawtelles is courtesy of Jennifer Dauphinais of the very good PonyBird.

In other news, AOL has just released the results of a "survey" that determined "TV’s Sexiest Women—Ever." The results came out today, but we got an embargoed list yesterday and we here in the Register's Features Department discussed this topic. Pam Anderson No. 1? Really? I'm not really sure who I'd choose in my top 10, but I have to say it'd be a lot different than this list. Part of it is a generational thing, for sure, but part of it is knowing Eva Longoria belongs nowhere near a the top five. Nowhere. So who's your top 10? I did see "Chuck" for the first time ever last night ....

I don't know why anyone would care, but Red Lobster's chefs now have a blog! The e-mail came to me this morning. How exciting. I want to know how they prepare so much shrimp during that month where you can eat shrimp until your belly explodes.

I don't watch much television, but this makes me happy.

Is the Spice Girls reunion really worth the nine-year wait? Really? Can this be true?

What an escape by the Pats last night, huh?

That's all I got for now. See you at Anna Liffey's tonight for trivia?

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ChrisB. said...

Thank you again, and again for all your support!

And it was amazing to see what my friend Rev. Dave called, "the oneness" of the event. That is, the confluence of so many individual efforts resulting in incredible shared experience.

Sometimes this town transcends its "regular old self" and that gives me great pleasure.