Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Did I Miss Something

If you would have asked me about Chuck Norris any time over the past couple years, I would told you a few things.

First, I would have said he used to star in "Walker, Texas Ranger," and that I have a good friend who enjoys getting drunk and then watching the show on the Hallmark Channel at like 3 a.m. Then I would have said that anytime I turn the television on early in the morning, I see Chuck flexing his senior-citizen muscles on some machine he wants the American public — and the whole world! — to own. Lastly, I would have said he used to be some kind of kung-fu action star, but that was before I was born. I then would have taken a sip of my beer, and blurted out, "Oh yeah, he has a sweet red beard." That's it.

So imagine my surprise when the front page of Yahoo today says that Chuck may help get a presidential hopeful elected, that good ol' Chuck, who's not that famous, is just as influential as the GOD OF TELEVISION of herself, Oprah. How did this happen? A quick look at Chuck's Wikipedia page tells me that the actor is a staunch Christian who believes in Biblical creationism. We're listening to this guy? He invented Chun Kuk Do. Um?

In other news, tonight over at Cafe Nine, my friend Danny's band, The Black Noise Scam, will open for the Murder Junkies. That's it for that. The band plays old-school punk, I'm told. Go see them.

I thought we were all done with the "Borat" lawsuits. I guess not. The driver's ed teacher that appears in the comedy is now suing. People need to get over things. I'm quickly in "300 Mondays," at the end, and I'm not suing. I didn't know my voice and face would be in the movie. I'm laughing now.

Some group doesn't want the children playing video games with people peeing in them. Oh my. When I was a kid, I wanted a Power Glove or something. Would I want a game with people peeing if I was a kid today? You betcha.

I'm a big fan of Harp magazine. It's honestly a must for any serious music fan. And, oh my, the pub just released its best-of 2007 list. I'm nervous about putting mine together in a couple weeks because for the first time in years, I don't have a clear-cut No. 1 record. We'll see. Anyway, Harp chooses my favorite band Okkervil River's "The Stage Names" as its choice. That makes me so happy. I think my list and Harp's will have a few similarities, that's for sure.

Please, please, please go visit Bob Mould's Web site and download his new single, from an upcoming February release, "District Line." Mould, the former Husker Du and Sugar frontman, is one of my absolute favorites and this song is his best in years. Years. It makes me so excited for the record. I can't wait.

Anyway, that's it on this end. I'm getting back to work. Enjoy your hump day and pray that Johan ends up with a "B" on his hat.


Anonymous said...

Wow, your blogs make me smile.
They may not always contain earth-shattering news, but they're consistently well-written and (I believe) truly reflective of their author (don't worry, that's a good thing). And on pretty "blah" days at work, we could all use some good cheer.

Thanks for your work! -

Pat Ferrucci said...

Thanks for the kind words. It's all about smiling, right?