Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas ... Eve

I'm sitting here in suburban Boston, at my folks' house, and I thought I would drop a quick line.

So I did see five movies this weekend, catching "Charlie Wilson's War," "The Savages," "Juno," "Atonement" and "Sweeney Todd." If I had to rank them, I'd probably say "Charlie Wilson," "Juno," "Atonement," "Sweeney Todd" and "The Savages."

But - and this a big but - those top four are actually very close. That's "Juno" pictured.

I want to thank Rachel Hinkel, Harris McCabe and Helen Bunch Blanchard for joining me at these various movies, especially Harris, who actually went to all five with me. I like company.

The Rev. Dave Kelsey sent me this new profile photo that I put up. It was only taken last week, so it's a better shot than the one that was a couple years old.

I guess that's it. I need to go to bed soon so Santa can come down my chimney and eat the cookies we left out for him. My hands are killing me because my little brother, Little Nicholas, has "Guitar Hero" for Wii, and it's too damn addictive.

OK, so everyone have a merry Christmas and we'll talk soon.


Anonymous said...

Merriest holiday wishes to you and your clan, Pat.

And many thanks for all of the information and entertainment that your work provides your readers throughout the year. It's great to have a journalist that infuses his writing with his personality, wit and intelligence, and challenges his readers to explore new artists and ideas. You give back to the community each and every week, and for that you deserve thanks and best wishes.

Hope you got everything you were wishing for this Xmas, and that your time at home is enjoyable.

Again, may you and your family have a terrific holiday and a happy, healthy 2008.

P.S. -
Check out "Persepolis" when it opens locally - one of my favorites of this year. Liked "Juno" a lot, didn't care for "Atonement" (after having read the book), and sadly, though I will not say that I "enjoyed" The Savages, I can express an odd appreciation for it, having gone through very similar circumstances with a parent.

Anonymous said...

Got to agree.
He's turned me on to a lot of local bands over the years.
Look forward to his columns every week. Glad he is writing for the Register, since no other local papers (except maybe the Advocate) have that kind of coverage.

Pat Ferrucci said...

Thanks for the kind words, guys. I hope your holidays were great, too.

So to the poster who liked "Persepolis": Tell me why. I've seen the trailer multiple times, and have been hearing about how great it is, but I can't say the trailer makes me want to see it. Convince me.

Also: How have you seen so many movies just out? I mean, I lived in the theater this weekend ...

Anonymous said...

Well, OK - as far as HOW I've seen these...I've got a friend who gets into a lot of advanced screenings because of his job with a studio - so I saw "Juno" and "Atonement" ahead of most folks (in fact, saw "Atonement" at a screening [though my friend's not a critic] along with couple of well-known critics, one of whom actually dozed off for about 15 minutes...NICE).

"Savages" I saw last week as a paying customer. Dishing out the $8 is kind of painful after you've experienced the joys of being comp'ed.

Was in Manhattan for some obligations over the last few days and caught "Persepolis." Was I dying to see a movie about Islamic fundamentalism with a female protagonist? Nope. In fact, there wasn't much to draw me in (I was coerced by two chums), but I can tell you that from it's first frame, it looks like no other movie you've seen, and tells a story you probably have never heard - at least not told as personally. For the first ten minutes or so, I just kept thinking that with all of the Pixar stuff (or Pixar wanabees), this was SO cool to look at because of its pen and ink, black and white simplicity. I found this young girl's story really absorbing for the duration of its running time. The three of us sat around talking about it for an hour or two afterwards. I don't know about you, but an engrossing movie that actually makes you think and gives you something to talk about is a good thing in my book. Hey - I like good old fashioned entertainment as much as the next person (don't think for a second that I won't be in line on opening day for "Speed Racer" next May, grinning like a goof - man, I loved that show and the trailer makes me "kid giddy" again), but I really admire writers and directors who can make something entertaining, artistic AND thought-provoking that's very much "of its time." Somehow, it's pretty humbling to sit in a cushy theater watching a fairly harrowing story that's based on its author's reality, that's taking place in the world we live in today. It somehow made my problems seem a whole lot smaller.

Anyway - sorry - don't know if I can say much to absolutely convince you to go...just encourage you to give it a try (frankly, the reason I probably haven't seen "Charlie Wilson" is because the trailer doesn't excite me, and neither does Hanks). All I know is that when I racked it up against most of the junk I sat through this year, "Persepolis" shot up pretty high on the list of favorite films (or it could be beacause I just don't have a great memory, and probably can't remember a lot of the good ones I DID see!). Different strokes, friend.

P.S. - I do regret that there's no theaters with "character" where you can catch a movie these days. The Criterion in NH is OK, bit it's fairly interchangeable with most of the megaplexes. I long for the old days of the sticky-floored York Square or the velvet-seated balcony seats down at the old Stratford theater. I kept thinking while watching "Persepolis" how much I would have enjoyed it sitting in that looong bowling alley of an auditorium at the York, or the tiny box that was the Lincoln. Man, I feel OLD.

P.S. #2 - Am seeing "There Will Be Blood" in NYC either tomorrow or Friday. I hear it's great, so will let you know!