Saturday, January 05, 2008

Picks Time

OK, so we're like an hour away from the kickoff of the 2007 NFL playoffs. As usual, I'm here to give you some picks. It's a tradition, one that will make all of us cry if I break. So as I sit waiting to leave and do something, let's pick some games.

Washington at Seattle
Everyone on TV is jumping on the Skins bandwagon, but that will not be me. I refuse to believe that a team will go into Seattle and win, so I'm going with the Hawks in this one. As much as I want to pick the team starting Todd Collins, I just can't. I mean, Todd is from Walpole, Mass., which is a little ol' town I've been to a ton of times. Actually, now that I think of it, I hate Walpole. I hate Route 1.
Pick: Hawks 27-21

Jacksonville at Pittsburgh
People love the Jags. They can't get enough of them. I don't know why, but when a team runs the ball, analysts and experts just swoon. For example, when you watch Mike Ditka talk about the team, you can see hearts floating around his head. Amazing stuff. Anyway, the Jags will win this one before losing next week.
Pick: Jags 31-10

New York at Tampa Bay
My little brother, Little Nicholas, loves the Bucs. For some reason, it's his favorite team. He wears orange every day and dresses like a pirate on game days. Actually, that's all a lie, well, just the part about him dressing up. Anyway, though, Nick's a big fan and watches all the team's games on Direct TV. Little Nicholas says the Bucs really stink. I trust him.
Pick: Giants 17-14

Tennessee at San Diego
Folks believe this game will be a blowout. I don't. I think the Chargers will win, but not by much. I mean, the Titans have a huge coaching advantage and Philip Rivers makes me want to vomit he's been so bad.
Pick: Chargers 24-20

OK, so those are my picks. Feel free to mock me when I get some wrong. Not much else going on here. Yesterday, I interviewed Eula for an upcoming Weekend. Good band, nice people. Then I headed over to Cafe Nine and caught Stefanie Harris' set and a bit of Jennifer O'Connor's performance. Both were good.

Don't forget about the benefit over at Cafe Nine tonight. Should be a good show. And that's it on this end. We'll talk tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Four for four!
You ROCK!!

I just hope we don't lose you to the Sports section...

Pat Ferrucci said...

I wouldn't worry about that happening any time soon ...