Sunday, January 20, 2008

Popcorn, Picks, Plops

Don't ask me what the headline to this entry means. Yeah, sure, I did write it, but I was really just looking for three words that begin with P, and I didn't want to use poop, since I've already fulfilled my monthly quota for that word. So we get these three, and I won't be mentioning popcorn or plops. Sorry.

Anyway, so it's been a little while since I blogged. Busy week, I guess. So what's new in the world of entertainment? Well, I saw "There Will Be Blood" for a second time yesterday, and I have to say I like it even more now. Just look at the photo! Daniel Day-Lewis is intense, so Day-Lewis-like. It's not a perfect movie, but it is Paul Thomas Anderson's finest, most complete work yet. I know people complain about the ending, but I really loved it. And I'll tell you what I liked best about it: There's nothing obtuse about the conclusion. You know exactly what Anderson is saying by ending his film this way and, to tell you the truth, I think it makes a strong and accurate statement about society today. Did anyone else see the film? What did you think of the ending?

Speaking of movies, did you know "Rambo" opens Friday? Look for my piece in Weekend about me and John Rambo.

What else? Well, it looks like Suzanne Pleshette died. All the wire stories talk about her role in "Newhart," but I'm a little too young for that show. I remember Pleshette from the short-lived sitcom "Good Morning, Miami." It was a pretty crappy show, but aren't most sitcoms pretty crappy?

Speaking of deaths: "Sam the Butcher" from "The Brady Bunch" died. In all honesty, who would thunk that he was still alive?

Who wants to bet that some brash, young network exec has already thought about how he could make this a reality show?

I know there are some Hall & Oates fans out there. You know how I know? Sometime in 2006, I wrote a negative review of the duo's Christmas album and some woman basically threatened me with death and told me I was a f^(**)$%^&king moron and I didn't know music at all. Keep in mind, the record sucks. Sucks. And I love Hall & Oates. Well, I told her she couldn't be objective, and then she told me she could because she didn't even like the group. Then she berated me some more. But, you see, the beauty of the Internet is that you can Google people, and when I Googled her name, she came up as the president of numerous H&O fan clubs, ran a fan page and was all over message boards. Objective. Anyway, that's a fun story, and so is this.

Warner Bros. is going to re-release "Michael Clayton" next weekend. This is good news if you haven't seen this great film. There's a reason it was No. 3 on my best-of-2007 list.

Another movie that should be opening here soon is "Teeth." It's a horror flick. If you do not want to be disgusted, do not click on the next link. But anyway, the movie is about this.

So I guess that's it for now. I'll be back in a bit with football picks. Have a great Sunday. I love you all so.


Anonymous said...

Told ya (some time back) that you'd love "Blood" (at least I think I did) and that it'd be the Oscar movie to beat. I still believe that. Call it a hunch. I don't think "Atonement" will sweep as some are predicting. I think it's closest competition will be "No Country for Old Men." Anyway - I've now also seen it twice. And I freakin' LOVE the ending, if only because it bothers so many of the "give us a happy ending" zombies around me at the Cineplex. Anyway - look for Day-Lewis to pick up the golden statue, should that whole affair come off (and does not go "plop" because of the writer's strike...there...I figured I'd work it in for you).

Pat Ferrucci said...

Thanks for the plop reference. I do love the word.

And, yeah, you were right about "There Will Be Blood," and I agree that it's probably going to emerge as the Oscar favorite. I just don't see "Atonement" winning over the voters. It's a Golden Globes-type of movie, a period piece with loads of costumes and good cinematography, but I think "Blood" is more what Oscar voters look for. I don't think Day-Lewis will have much competition for best actor (George Clooney?), but also agree that "No Country" is going to be the main opponent for most awards ....

We'll see with nominations tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Well, I think you've got it.

Lewis' only competition will be Clooney and Depp (since I think they'll drop Javier Bardem into the supporting actor category - which, incidentally, he'll win). I'm not convinced that Clooney shouldn't get it, but the Academy figures he just picked up two(?) last year (? - wow, I really should look up my facts), so they give it to Lewis.

Julie Christie gets best actress, as her only competition is...oh who cares? She gets it anyway, although I could have done without that Depress-a-thon, thank you very much.

Best picture? Well - Blood, No Country for Old Men, Clayton and Sweeny probably get 4 of the 5slots. Will "Atonement" get the 5th? And if so..will it matter? The real race is between Blood and No Country. I think - despite the fact that the ending will have confused the voters who actually sat through the film - Blood gets it.

Don't cry for the Coens. I think the Academy throws them a bone with the Best Director award. I know, I can you split Best Picture and Best Director? Ask the brainiacs in the Academy...they've done it before - and I think this year, they'll do it again.

P.S. - As for "best supporting" one but the nominees' mothers care. Really. And even then I suspect that a couple of them will be watching "Deal or No Deal" that night...

Pat Ferrucci said...

I'm really looking forward to the nominations tomorrow. Do you really think "Sweeney Todd" is such a shoe-in? I guess I think so too, but I'm just not so sure it's deserving. It's a good movie, but one of the five best? Is it just because it's a musical? I thought "Atonement" was better. I'm hoping "Gone Baby Gone" gets a surprise nomination, but I don't think it's going to happen.

So I guess that means we just figured out the five. But with best actress, you don't think Ellen Page or Marion Cotillard have a chance?

Anonymous said...

Oh they'll get noms alright. And in all likelihood, Diablo Cody (man, that name makes me cringe) gets a screenplay nod for "Juno."

Yep - Cotillard DESERVES the nod (I'm not convinced Ellen Page does, but the Academy loves to pat itself on the back for recognizing fresh young talent...). In a different year, Marion might even win. But I think the dumber Academy members will view her performance as being one primarily of old age makeup and theatrics (Cotillard is a certifiable hottie under all that). They're wrong, of course - it's a really good performance...but rarely do performances in foreign films win. Expect to hear Kiera Knightley's name on the ballot too. She won't get it, but if there is a God, we'll get to see her and Cotillard on the red carpet and that, my friend, is good TV!

Have to agree with you - "Gone Baby Gone" was great. A perfectly worthy contender for best picture. Instead, I think Amy Ryan will get a best supporting nod (and probably take it), Ben MAY eke out a best director nom, and it'll get a best adapted screenplay nod. Casey - who was terrific in it - will get a best supporting nom for that Jesse James thing. Was "Sweeny" better? Nah. I'm just not sure how much dread the Academy is willing to endure in its picture noms - false rape accusations (Atonement), serial killers (No Country), crazy oilmen and charlatan preachers (Blood), legal conspiracies (Clayton)...hell, when I look at it that way, they might throw the fifth spot to "Juno" or "Ratatouille" just so they can smile come Wednesday.

Well, I guess it's all over but the (yaaawn) nominating. Talk to you after the grand pronouncements. My guess is we'll be congratulating each other for our astute prognosticating skills.