Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Tuesday Time

Well, guys, I know I already posted a very important entry today, but I just wanted to mention a couple great records I've been listening to.

Currently, while I type this, I'm digesting American Music Club's "The Golden Age," which I've been waiting for excitedly. Well, it arrived today (and arrives in stores Feb. 19) and it's pretty great. I'm on my second spin and it's really simple AMC. The huge arrangements of "Love Songs For Patriots" are gone and this sounds more like a distant folk album, which is really working for me. It's also a lot more accessible than most AMC releases, which doesn't really mean it's accessible, just that some of these songs have elements of pop. I still can't wait for April 24 at Cafe Nine.

At the risk of speeding up the hype machine even more, Vampire Weekend's self-titled debut hits stores today. I know the band's been getting tons of buzz from blogs, online magazines and hipsters everywhere, but it's deserving. This record is just so much fun. I mean, it's certainly not a "great" record, and it's not revolutionary like some are claiming, but it's a very good Camper Van Beethoven-like disc. Take a listen, really. And look for my full review Friday. That's Vampire Weekend in the photo.

And that's it for now. Later, OK? Anna Liffey's trivia tonight, be there. And then my good friends Jay Kubeck and Stefanie Harris perform at Cafe Nine. Go see them.

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