Sunday, November 16, 2008

Clearing It Up

OK, so instead of responding to a few different comments with more comments, which are more difficult to read, I thought I'd just say it here. Another post. Woo-hoo!

So, Jenny, that graphic is hysterical. I took absolutely no offense to it. My headline "Sad and Scary" was very sarcastic. I'm guessing you came across this here blog only because of the review. If you had read it more frequently, you would know that I make a lot of understated jokes. I was not being serious. Honestly, I took absolutely no offense to the photo. I laughed out loud.

Since this review has gotten a lot of attention, and a couple people asked in the comments the process for a review, I'll tell you mine. I think most music critics pretty much do the same thing. Before reviewing something, I will not listen to it less than three times. I tend to review four CDs a week and choose those based on what people are going to want to read about it most. Anyway, I received the David Archuleta album about two weeks before its release date. That's about the norm.

The first listen of any CD for me is in the background. I usually just put it on at home and do other things, while jotting down notes about certain things. The second time I listen to something, I do it closely, taking notes on specific songs. And then third time is when I'm actually writing the review. Sometimes, if I can't get a handle on an album, I'll listen to it more. I only listened to Archuleta's album three times.

Contrary to what you might believe, I had no idea the review would cause a stir. He clearly has a very dedicated fan base. My biggest problem with it is that it sounds nothing like "an album." Every song is so different because of all the various production. You can tell the artist had nothing to do with the record; he just showed up and sang the songs chosen for him from record execs.

Maybe you disagree, but I find that the antithesis of what music should be. If it has his name on it, he should have something to do with the making besides stopping by a studio and lending his vocals. And, to clear up something up, I don't watch "American Idol." Don't like David Cook's upcoming album and hate Daughtry more than you can imagine. The best "Idol" CDs I've heard have come from Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood. That's my take. You can disagree, but ...

On a funny note, I watched a screener of "Synecdoche, New York" last night, which we must have a discussion of here, since I'm not sure I understand it. I need to watch it again. But, anyway, it ended and we shut it off. Some late-night talk show on Fox was on, and David Archuleta was the guest. I watched him perform "Crush" and laughed at the irony.


Anonymous said...


Finally - on to other things.

Mentioned a few weeks back that "Synecdoche" either produces the reaction of "That was pretty brilliant" or "Huh?" Mine was kind of inbetween, but it's definitiely something I want to see again. Since the director's not giving his "interpretation," it's pretty much up to each viewer to figure out what the hell it all meant. That said, I thought Hoffman and Diane Weist were great, and that Noonan guy still gives me the willies from the "Manhunter" movie (behold the awesome power of the Red Dragon!). You've probably done yourself a disservice not seeing it at the cineplex, if only to listen to the arguments among the couples emerging from the theater. Talk about "classic."

Anyway, it's stuck with me for weeks (what WAS that burning house thing all about anyway?), and I guess that makes it, if nothing else, memorable. Can't say that for too many flicks this year (maybe "Vicky Christina Barcelona," "Wall*E," "Tropic Thunder" and - at the moment - the explanation of KISS in "Role Models"). And, of course, "Slumdog Millionaire." I have much love for that one, though it is shamelessly manipulative (you'll know what I mean when you see it). And yet, I love it still.

I don't have high hopes for much else out there on the Xmas horizon - maybe "Revolutionary Road" but, um, who knows? Me likey Kate Winslet, but Leo not so much. "Doubt"? Maybe. I saw the stage version, so expectations are high. "Benjamin Button"? Looks poised to take the "Forrest Gump" spot for the year, so diabetics in the theater, beware.

Honestly, it'll be tough for me to assemble a list of my "ten best" of the year - by this time, I've usually got that locked down. Guess the year in film rates a big "M'eh" with me.

Edward (Canada) said...

Mr. Ferrucci, am now getting you, you have your own taste in music, of course and anything outside of it, you will stamp with "IT SUCKS". You like girly, girly songs..yes girly Kelly Clarkson, by Carrie Underwood, by Taylor Swift, who can’t even sing live without hitting bad notes, yuck! But that is fine, you have your own taste, so do we. I just wonder what’s your sexual orientation is!!!! Questionable??? Girly!!! Maybe!!!!

LDP said...

Don't worry, Mr. Ferrucci. I still love you.

Best of luck in all your future endeavors,

Lou Diamond Phillips

ed002d said...

Wow, questioning someone's sexual orientation because they don't share your taste in music? Way to take the high road, Edward from Canada.