Monday, November 03, 2008

A Monday Miracle

Yes, it's been four days or so and I am posting an update. Woo-hoo. I had a busy end of the week and weekend, seeing many movies, helping people move, moving around and, of course, moving on from Halloween. Yes, my weekend was filled with a lot of things with letters "mov" in them. Amazing.

So let's start with a beer pong update. Noted Counting Crows enthusiast Jeff Petrin backed out of this fine event moments beforehand, coming up with some excuse about planning a party. It's OK, though, because former Play editor and current online guru and noted cheeseburger enthusiast Jon Cooper stepped in to play for the team, which we called The Jeff Petrins.

We went one and two, mostly against 21 and 22-year-old college students. Our lone victory was against a team that took things very seriously, bent their knees when they tossed and tried to put spin on the ball. Too funny. We, on the other hand, kind of liked losing because it meant more beer. Yep. This is true ... and sad.

Movies? Well, I saw "The Haunting of Molly Hartley" when my friend Helen called on my day off Friday and wanted to see a scary movie ... it was Halloween and all. To call "Molly" scary would be a lie. It wasn't even as scary as when I sometimes burn my toast in the morning, or when a little bit of shell gets into my eggs. As for "Zack and Miri Make a Porno" and "What Just Happened," well, let's say both of them started off pretty good and then felt like they would never end. And I mean never. Oh, my, never. I won't be recommending any of them to friends. Never.

I get a lot of hate mail, as many of you know, since I've posted some here and talked about this. But over the last couple months, our Web site has started to allow comments on stories. Most of my pieces have been left alone, but please, please go read someone's comment on my album reviews from last week. First, if you're going to post something anywhere, re-read it for grammatical reasons. And, second, don't be dumb.

What else? This is a bit old, but a great story and moral. It seems that if you want to be an effective boxer, a world champion, you might want to have a baby first. Why, you ask? So you can coat your hands in "baby wee." I guess this helps immensely. I wonder if it would help me with my writing and typing? I don't have a child, but maybe could borrow one and let it piss on my hands before I show up to work. I'll try this tomorrow and let you all know how it goes. OK?

I think that's all I got for now. Since I'm very excited to have just received a full copy of Legacy's new "Budokan!" box set, I leave you with this video of Cheap Trick performing "High Roller" a long time ago.


sj said...

when i heard of this change in cast, i was really hoping for footage of Cooper playing beer pong. i suspect he's something of a savant.

would you be willing to reenact for the entertainment of your readers?

as to the hate mail - don't take this the wrong way when i say - *really?! seriously?!*

Anonymous said...

Hate mail?
It's more like a manifesto.

It's just surprising that someone like that has the skills and knowledge to turn on a computer and type.

Typing is difficult without opposable thumbs.

I guess you should be glad it was composed of random letters cut from magazines to glued to a sheet of paper.

Then again, I doubt they let this person use scissors.

P.S. - Caught a press screening of "Role Models." Stupid funny. That means, most guys will like it, and most women will sit there and say things like "Is that supposed to be funny?" I speak from experience....