Friday, November 14, 2008

Wow. Just Wow

OK, so I am completely floored. Sometimes you write something and you know that you're going to get plenty of hate e-mails, voicemails and, now, comments. And I actually thought some people might really love certain country stars and get on me for certain jokes in my Clearing the Desk column from this week.

But I didn't think anything of this week's batch of album reviews. Boy was I wrong.

I think some huge David Archuleta fan got a hold of it, linked to it on the singer's message boards or something, and the folks came a running to post comments. I am amazed. And totally still laughing.

Yeah, I was strong in my criticism, and the word "suck," which I never use, probably prompted a lot of this, but these people are downright crazy. I looked at the comment log on our internal site, looked at IP addresses, and I can see that a lot of people are double posting under different names. For every "Francesca," well, that's the same as "Karen." And there's a bunch of those. Man, nuts.

If you like the CD, more power to you. It isn't subjectively bad on a critical level. It's objectively horrid. I don't think I've seen any good reviews of it, and I just searched. Maybe most aren't as strong as mine, but, man, it is an awful listen. And that's what happens with different songwriters and producers on each track. It's reeks of rushing to get something to the marketplace before the holidays. Mission accomplished.

But, seriously, the comments are priceless. The ones about me being a "Cook fan"? Awesome. Yeah, I love David Cook so I just can't like a David Archuleta album? Memo to those people: The Cook album stinks too, just not nearly as bad. And to the person who has two copies: Why?

And I don't care that he's 17 or a nice person. He is young, and I bet he is a good guy, but that doesn't make the music any good. My Dad's a good guy. If he made a record, I would want to die. What can you do?

Anyway, I just needed to point this out. Go to that story, print it out and you'll have 15 minutes worth of reading. And it's entertaining as all heck.


Anonymous said...

Too (sadly) funny.

As I sat reading your review this morning, I thought, "I can just imagine the teeny bopper hate mail he's going to get over this one."

Do they NOT get the idea of a critic? It's your JOB to formulate and express an opinion. Sure, they are welcome to formulate and express an opinion of their own (as that silly old "free speech" amendment is inclined to go on about), but it always strikes me as insanely humorous about how uttery VEHEMENT some people will get when they disagree.

It's a CD review, people - get a grip! It isn't like he shot your dog (or made your dog listen to the CD).

Fortunately you've got a sense of humor about it all. If you didn't, you'd probably have your own show on MSNBC.

Carry on...

Anonymous said...


It's not your opinion that his fans object to, it's the mean-spirited way in which you delivered that opinion. In regard to your having trouble finding any good reviews of David's album, check out the New York Times, Billboard, Vulture, Salt Lake Tribune,Boston Globe, Hip online, Daily Californian, etc.


Pat Ferrucci said...


I don't know if you're continuing to read this, but I have a couple things for you:

1. The Boston Globe calls the album "predictably generic," "unscintillating," and, lastly, "an uncomplicated" and "uninspired" musical statement.

2. The New York Times, after subtely mocking how David's been marketed, and quite seriously making fun of him, finally gets to the music and calls it "different forms of radio-format blandness."

3. The Salt Lake Tribune, the biggest newspaper from his home state, has a headline that says "Not bad," and then after says the single is good because it "doesn't suffer from the mind-numbing verse-chorus-verse blandness that plagues most ..."

I mean, I'm not making fun of you or insulting you, but seriously, if you like the music, enjoy it. But are that you that big a fan that when you read these articles you don't comprehend that they are, in fact, bad reviews?

When you're whole argument is that you love it and it was given good reviews in Vulture (not a real publication, but a Web throwaway from New York Mag. not written by real critics), the Daily Californian (a college newspaper) and HIP online (not a real publication and probably owned by a record label), it just comes across as pathetic.

I understand David has a lot of fans, and I hope he's successful, but that doesn't make the music critically good. It just doesn't. I like albums that I give bad reviews to. Sometimes that's the way it is. I wouldn't write to the critic and call him names. That's pathetic.

I'm not writing this to just LFB; I'm saying it to everyone spewing hate on the comment section of the article and in my e-mails. Just get over it and stop. I'm not changing my mind. I wrote an objective review of a bad CD that every real outlet panned. Deal with it.

Susan said...

His Mr. Ferruci:

Is this a throw away review?

Pat Ferrucci said...


It's actually not a review. Tom O'Neil writes about award shows on that blog. He's a TV critic by trade. It actually looks like the LA Times hasn't written a review of the record.


Anonymous said...

You might be in for a surprise if you think all the people that are defending him are teens, they're not.. Theyre like 25+ year olds (When I say that, I mean it. there is a lot of old fans), with a few teens here and there which make it kind of scary.

Pat Ferrucci said...

On the contrary, according to most demographic stories, Archuleta's fans are predominantly not teens. He does not skew young. If listen to the record, you can tell it's aimed at middle-aged women with soft-rock schlock.

Anonymous said...

You dare to accuse fans of spewing hate? Hypocrite!

Edward said...

"I'm not writing this to just LFB; I'm saying it to everyone spewing hate on the comment section of the article and in my e-mails. Just get over it and stop. I'm not changing my mind. I wrote an objective review of a bad CD that every real outlet panned. Deal with it."

Isn't it you're the first one to spew hate. You did not only critize harshly the CD (if indeed you actually listened to the songs), but the singer's voice as well. You obviously have a hatred emanating from deep down your being.
So deal with the angst, the hate emails, the hate phone calls, the bashing comments, etc. etc. You are so truly deserving of them. Now you are telling people to stop, what a chicken, now that's pathetic. You should examine yourself, Mr. Ferruci.

Mr. Ferrucci, you've lost all your credibility as a critic, plain and simple. You're dragging down the drain the good image of your publication, if any it has.

Anonymous said...

Actually, the LA Times has reviewed the record. Here's my favorite part:

"But the record is larded with awkward modernist R&B, Christian semaphore ballads like "You Can" and warm-milk mewling that makes David Cook, Archuleta's "Idol" foe, sound like Robert Plant."

Edward said...

Mr. Ferrucci, I bet you will not post my previous comment, I just know. But if you do, I apologize.

Bob said...

Dude, this is awesome:

Matt said...

You say you haven't seen any good reviews after doing a search. Do you need me to provide the links to the good objective reviews?
The NY Times was a decent review and so was USA Today just to name a few.

People could care less if you like or dislike the album but the manner in which you stated it was pure dribble and unprofessional.

I am a 34 year old male.

Anonymous said...


Just wow.

For those of you folks whose first experience with Pat is this review, he is very even-handed with his critiques. As he said, there are albums he likes (personally) but gives bad reviews to as a critic (profesionally). Likewise, I'm sure there are albums that he personally can't stand, but that profesionally he appreciates. His professional reviews differ from your personal opinions - and you've expressed your opinions. That's what free speech is all about.

I would invite you to read more of Pat's work, and appreciate the vast array of materials that he addresses. Again, this doesn't make your opinion any less important or relevant. I personally don't agree with all of his reviews (sorry dude, but that Sparrow girl weirds me out), but I certainly understand and appreciate the experience, knowledge and talent that he brings to his job.

Mr. Archuleta seems to be a genuinely nice young man, and certainly possesses talent. The same is true of Mr. Ferrucci.

Let's move past this, and agree that it's alright for you to disagree.

Anonymous said...

Ok, here is a serious question and I swear on a stack of Bibles, err New Haven Registers, I am not a fan of David Archuleta. My question is about the review process. Do you look at other album reviews before you formulate your own review? Also, how many times do you listen to a record before you write the review? Is it your first visceral reaction to a record that you go with? Or, do you re-listen to confirm your initial assessment? In this case that might not have been possible, what with the ear inducing trauma and all.


Anonymous said...


Interesting question.

I know that most film and stage critics only see the movie or play they are reviewing once - I have a friend who writes film reviews, and generally hits the screening with a notepad and teeny tiny pocket flashlight to take notes (even though he generally gets a press packet that contains a lot of info on the film). I would imagine that book reviewers only read the book they are critiquing once.

So I'm guessing that most music critics probably don't sit through multiple playings of a CD before writing their revieww - but I'm just guessing on that one. Pat would have to weigh in to enlighten us all.

Anonymous said...

you suck!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow i'm sry to whoever said this guy has talent for what he is trying to do. Because all he is doing is saying extremely immature things and using false facts. Truely sir would u please explain to me the cite at which you're searching that shows you "no good reviews on David Archuleta's album" I am very sorry if that is your only source because is is deffinately almost as inacurate as your childish review. I am very concerned at how big of a fool you have made of yourself and anyone else who beleives anything that they read your poor twisted blog. And yes, have u ever considered baseball as a new career? Just trying to help :)

Love Emily

Ps please reply, I'd love to check out your inacurate source. Yes I know I'm terrible, but I just love going on sites that have no idea what they are talking about. Hmm I should probably come here. More often ;)

Anonymous said...

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