Friday, November 14, 2008


I just want to take a moment to celebrate and mourn the death of my favorite blog, Fire Joe Morgan.

I've been reading every single entry since a friend of time told me about the site back in late 2005. It was my favorite sports Web site, and now I'm just a little more than sad. If you haven't seen the site, take a moment and read some of the archives. You'll laugh and be informed. It's the two things I try to do here, with way less success.


Anonymous said...

Again, with the self-deprecation and doubt.

For the record:
You inform us.
You make us laugh.

So, you're two for two.

And the videos are just fine (save for the demonic flashes of orange).

Peace out.

Caldor said...

I was also sad when I logged into FJM last week and found their goodbye message. You have to give those guys credit. Certainly having prominent television writing gigs was a factor, but they could have made serious bank by allowing advertising, etc. on the site. But they kept it as what they always wanted it to be. what a great site.

Also, briefly, I just finished reading Fargo Rock City by Chuck Klosterman. I'm sure you've read it, so you know that it is a humurous look at hair metal's culture relevance. Throughout the book, he keeps hoping that he'll finish it before GNR's next album comes out. Now, 10 years later it's finally coming out. Good times.