Saturday, November 15, 2008

Scary And Sad

One of the comments on the last post makes mention of this. I went to the site, a fan page of David Archuleta. This was posted. I don't think I need words, it's absolutely hysterical:


Anonymous said...

As brother Mike says to Samantha when he finds out that her entire family has forgotten about her birthday is the seminal classic, Sixteen Candles - "Classic."

Edward (Canada) said...

Mr. Ferrucci, I wonder how long will you last as a critic, not long I guess, your publication will find out very soon your incompetency. Because you truly are childish, immature and COWARD. Your act of copying and posting the graphic in here speaks for you louder than words. What you did is really Scary and Sad, huh! How low can you get Mr Ferruci? We, fans of David, have the last laugh! Ha, ha, ha.

Anonymous said...


A brief check of Pat's credentials will show you that he has had his job for many years now.

I'm sure that even Pat would agree that from time to time he might describe himself as "childish" and "immature," but if I understand all this correctly, someone ELSE created this graphic, and posted it on another web site first - Pat just copied it here. I think posting it here on his blog shows that he has a sense of humor about himself. How does posting the picture make him a COWARD? Just trying to understand the logic.

Jenny said...

Hey Patrick, Jenny here from I'm the one who made the karate-chop graphic; sorry about that! Just having a little wacky fun. You are certainly entitled to your opinion. Sometimes David's fans get a bit overprotective, although most of us are reasonably mentally balanced. My picture is on the "About FOD" page if you want to reciprocate. No hard feelings?

Edward (Canada) said...

To Anonymous, my tirade that Mr Ferrucci is a COWARD is related to the previous blog thread, where he said STOP. He wanted to stop all the hate calls, hate emails, hate comments. etc etc. I said therein, deal with it, you started, you handle it. Like Mr. Ferrucci is raising up the white flag, huh!

And Anonymous, why don't you use a real name, are you COWARD, too!

Caldor said...


Wow. I took a few days off from reading your blog Congrats on hitting the big time. Edward from Canada is my favorite. Or, as he would spell it, "favourite," him being from Canada and all. He sounds like a genius. If I may, I'd like to address Edward from Canada.

Ed, pal, do you understand the difference between "hate emails, hate comments, etc." which you accuse Pat of starting, and Pat being an entertainment critic? His job is to review, opine on and offer criticism of popular culture. Sometimes you may not agree with him, but so what? He didn't tell you that you couldn't listen to your precious David Archuelta albums, he just voiced his opinions on the content of such album. It's his job. Do you have a job?

Don't you think questioning Pat's sexual orientation goes a bit far, just because he didn't like your favorite album? Thank you for your time.

Pat, Happy Thanksgiving.

Your friend,