Thursday, December 04, 2008

Friday Video!


Anonymous said...


Toilet seats, dancing and literary readings all in one action-packed video! And-rather sadly-all are better than "Nobel Son." Not a very good film, sad to report. It's been in the can forever-I don't think the studio knew what to do with it. I thought they might send it straight to video. Instead, it is lurking out there in your local googolplex. Beware.

ANYWAY, "Last Night at the Lobster" is great, and just the book to read at this time of year (Christmas lovers beware).

Well, that's about it.
Oh yeah-you could actually see your eyes once or twice this week! You were right...zombie.

sj said...

i must say that i *LOVE* stewart o'nan. i just finished snow angels, having read "last night of the lobster" -- and now have his Hartford circus fire book in my pile. because I'm cheerful like that.

i wish i knew about this earlier, and i'm so sad i'll have to miss it. but it's my best friend's (and co-blogger's) birthday and i made cupcakes for her. and we have to stay up until 1 a.m. playing setback while listening to christmas carols. it's the rule.

Pat Ferrucci said...

not sure about the christmas carols, but playing setback deep into the night sounds just about wonderful.

Anonymous said...

I'm lost, folks.
What's "Setback?"

Pat Ferrucci said...

Only the best card game ever; something that I also played a bit last night.

sj said...

setback is pure genius, and a very easy way to kill 4-6 hours at a clip.

i only wish there was a way to play it with only two people and it could be as fun.

incidentally, setback is how we managed to get my BFF to marry my husband's best friend. too much time spent in our dining room until 2 a.m. playing setback.

genius, i tell you.

Pat Ferrucci said...

OK, setback with two people. The only way that I've managed to make that fun is by playing draw. I actually think it's decent if you do it that way. Not as fun, but fun.

Anonymous said...

K, thanks.

I just checked, and um..I guess it's easier to learn when you're playing with people who know how ('cause I can't make heads or tails of their instructions).

Anyway, I'll take your word for it!

P.S. -
Just back after 2 days in NYC. Caught "Milk" (Penn is excellent, but the picture is pretty standard biography fare), and "Frost/Nixon" (Langella definitely gets a nomination alongside Penn, I'm guessing). However, in the case of both pictures, at the end of each I felt just like I feel when I watch Public TV ("I guess I've learned something and am better for it, I'm just not very entertained.")

For my money, the best picture so far this year (though fair warning - it's also one of the most shamefully manipulative) is "Slumdog Millionaire." This is one you should pen the review for Pat (OK, you can let Harris do it, but you should still see it).