Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Wednesday Wangdoodles

OK, so before we go any further, I need to admit that I stole the title of this blog entry from the great Rob Neyer, who writes my favorite baseball blog over at I've been reading Rob for a decade or so now. Good stuff. Check him out, if you haven't already.

But enough with that stuff, let's talk about this stuff. OK, but before we go any further, I need to admit that I don't know what this stuff is. Sorry.

I do know that my biggest pet peeve right now is that twice in print recently I've seen "Scrubs" called a "hit" TV show. You can say that over and over again, but it doesn't make it true. Look, I've seen the show a couple times and it's sort of funny, but not great. Whatever. But the damn show was just canceled and picked up by another network. Can a canceled show be a hit? I think not. Poo on lazy writers. Poo on them.

I'm going to be writing a notebook column for Friday's Weekend section about The Grammy Nomination Special tonight. I can't wait to see the bad choices this year. David Archuleta will probably be nominated for "Best Album By A Prepubescent Boy That Old Women, Tweens And Weird, Angry Dudes From Canada Would Love To Innocently Cuddle With." He might actually deserve that trophy.

I'm going to go out on a limb and say that I don't agree with Kid Rock or this Georgia judge. They're both wrong. I think the, um, rock star's punishment for a brawl at a Waffle House should be to eat at a Waffle House for 30 straight days. That would make anyone feel bad for what they did. Yep.

And speaking of disagreements, it seems K-Fed says he'd "rather see my kids than Britney's money." Well, sorry K-Fed. I disagree with you. I'd rather see Britney's money than you two's kids. I really don't care to see those kids at all.

Apparently Gary Coleman still makes news. Um, can't we stop talking about Gary Coleman? Dude's short. Dude was on a TV show a while back. Dude gets in fights at bowling alleys. OK.

An Alabama county has just decided to call a day Barack Obama Day. In other news, I wonder when New Haven will come to its freaking senses and decide that March 30, my birthday, should be dubbed Pat Ferrucci Day. Children can get the day off from school, I won't work, the sun will shine ... Sounds like a good idea to me.

So there's going to be a Joan Jett movie, according to this report. And, are you sitting down tween girls? Kristen Stewart is going to play the rocker who hates herself for loving you. Yep. This is a true story. I'm just so, um, happy about this, the top of this here blog entry is adorned with a video from Jett.

OK. That's all I have for you fine people today. I must go home, sit on the couch, eat food and do it all over again tomorrow. To botch a line from the great "Sloop John B," I loved you all so, but now I wanna go home.

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sj said...

i don't want to go all crazed-middle-aged- Archuletta fan on you, because I feel that we'd be friends, and i don't feel that i'm middle aged.

but i really love me some joan jett. i'm not even kidding. her cover of crimson and clover makes me all happy inside.

i'm going to head home now, and listen to my extreme girly playlist all the way through connecticut. i'll make sure joan jett is playing when i drive past new haven. just for you, pat.