Thursday, December 11, 2008

Video Time


Anonymous said...

You and Donald least you WILL after seeing Slumdog. If you aren't shamelessly entertained by this, you can forever mock my moviegoing prowess.

Like I've said before, "Milk" (an enjoyable beverage) is an OK movie, with some great acting. "Doubt," which I saw two nights ago, is much the same-an OK movie with some great acting. I saw the play and liked it better. Also caught "The Reader"-at the risk of being sneered at by hoity toity critics, I didn't care for it. Kate Winslet is quite a handsome lass, and gives a very good performance-but I did not like the film so much. I'll let you decide on your own. There's only a couple of biggies left out there - "Revolutionary Road" and "Grand Torino," to name a couple.

Which brings me back to "Slumdog." Good stuff. Go and enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah...lemme bore you with one more. Paid to sit and watch "Rachel Getting Married." This one kind of made me itchy all over (and I'm not sure that's a good thing). Jittery camerawork, and a story about some pretty screwed up people (in other words, perfect holiday fare). Yes, I suppose Anne Hathaway is good and all, but it possible to give a recognizably good performance in something resembling a comedy? (I think the answer's yes...Robert Downey did it in Tropic Thunder, so I guess I answered my own question). Well, I wouldn't recommend this one to friends, but then again my friends would probably never ask about a movie like this. Well-forewarned is forearmed.

sj said...

i am so glad i'm not the only one who has a pet rubber ducky they keep on their shoulder.

only, i call him Mr. Bennet.

i have to confess that none of these movies are inspiring me to run to the theater. i've retreated into books that i missed over the past 10 years.

although i will be watching the miser brothers special on abc family tomorrow night.

Anonymous said...

Seek out Slumdog.
You won't be sorry!!

I was somewhat disappointed to grab the Weekend section this morning, only to see this wonderful flick reviewed, no Pat.
No, not Harris.
But Roger Moore.
And not even the "James Bond" Roger Moore.
But I digress.

Since I saw very little that I loved at the megaplexes this year, I feel no hesitation to encourage folks to spend their hardearned $10 on this. I believe your duck will also enjoy it.

P.S. - Believe it or not, I have two ducks in Santa hats. They have no names. But I'm tossing around Kringle and Fred Claus.

Pat Ferrucci said...

The reason Harris didn't review 'Slumdog' is because small studios seem to only set up screenings for movies they put out in far-away lands called "Boston" and "New York." That makes it hard. And I love Roger Moore.

I'll see both flicks this weekend. We'll see ...

Has anyone seen "Benjamin Button"? I wonder how that will be ...


Anonymous said...

Well, I was partial to Sean Connery (I kid! I kid! It's a JOKE!).

I have nothing against Moore.

No, haven't seen Button, but my friend who's a critic has. He says the effects are amazing and both Pitt and Blanchett are very good, but it's pretty cloying in a "Forrest Gump" kind of way. If you read tomorrow's full page ad/excerpt from Elle on the movie in tomorrow's NY Times Arts section, you'd think this movie is the second coming.

Anyway - Have been seeing the ads on TV for "The Spirit" and it LOOKS (visually) really interesting. LOTS of green screen stuff.

Well, I hope you enjoy Slumdog. Granted, it too is shamelessly manipulative in its structure, but Boyle has done a really good job with a really good story. I hope that you'll post your thoughts here after you see it.

As I've mentioned, the "nonfiction" flicks (Milk and Frost/Nixon) are both well done with good performances, but are more "educational entertaining" than outright grin-inducing entertaining. No word yet on "Revolutionary Road" other than the fact that the Hollywood Foreign Press seemed to love it enough to give it a slew of Golden Globe nods.

Finally - I hear really good things about "The Wrestler" and "What Doesn't Kill You." I'm a BIG Mark Ruffalo fan, so I'm anxious to see the latter. Not so sure about "The Wrestler," since Mickey Rourke's face now eerily resembles Joan Rivers.

Have fun at the Megaplex!