Monday, December 01, 2008

Post-Turkey Hangover

I, like many of you out there in the real world, am suffering from a post-Thanksgiving hangover today. Oh, sure, I worked some yesterday, but that doesn't mean I'm at my productivity peak (whatever that may be) yet. I'm just not. I think, mentally, I'm still on my parents' couch watching too many bad movies or at random suburban Boston bars where they weirdly have Okkervil River on the jukebox.

Anyway, I hope you all had a good holiday. I usually see a movie on Thanksgiving, but I didn't this year, so I have no news of that sort to report. It looks like "Australia" is going to tank, which is a good thing because I called that ... and because it looks terrible and pretentious. "Four Christmases," which I've been assured by many is also terrible, looks like a huge hit.

So what else? Well, you can look for some cool album reviews in this Friday's Weekend. I look at the very mediocre new one from Britney, the surprisingly stark and amazing work from Kanye West, the first Death Cab reissue and The Flaming Lips' recent soundtrack. Some interesting things there, and I can't stop listening to Kanye, his drum machine and an old Casio.

Just before I left for vacation, I saw a killer El Ten Eleven show over at Cafe Nine. For a duo, the band put on one full gig. It's been a killer last couple weeks for concerts in the Nutmeg State, just so you know. And that will continue. But, of course, any discussion of shows must begin with Parts + Labor's amazing and too short gig at BAR a bit over a week ago. I still can't get it out of my mind, so I put a video of the band performing on the top of this entry.

I guess that's about it for now since I should start, you know, working. Good luck recovering for those turkey hangovers. I wish Advil made a pill or something ...

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Anonymous said...

I too, am oddly impressed with the new Kanye West CD...the second in a row.

Too bad he seems to have an ego the size of Idaho. Oh well, I guess he's sort of entitled...