Monday, December 08, 2008

We Did It!

This is post 400 to this here Blog Like An Egyptian. I want to thank the Academy, God, Spike, Leroy, Honus, Penelope, Jesus, Warren Moon and, of course, you and God.

It's been a long 29 months, but I feel like I've persevered, stayed true to my soul and, generally, sucked it up long enough to get to this monumental milestone, which only .0034 percent of blogs reach.

I couldn't have done it without all of you. This here blog should be called Blog Like An Egyptian And All The Readers Who Like To Peruse It Often. Oh, man, what a ride it's been. Now it must it all come to an end.

OK, seriously, I'm done with all that. I have no idea why I just rambled on about nothing. Heck, I don't even know anybody named God, Warren Moon or Academy. I just logged on and when my Blogger front page popped up, it said I had 399 posts.

So anyway, let's talk about something real now. But, I have no idea what something real is. I've been sitting home listening to Red House Painters (for the first time in Warren Moon knows how long) and getting work done, so I'm a little loopy. Pardon me.

I took a break and decided to read Rolling Stone's new "Hot List." What a good time. Did you know that the magazine has decided to name Olivia Thirlby, Emma Stone, Hannah Bailey, Ellen Page and Kat Dennings the "new Winona Ryders"? Um, really?

RS even goes over the top and says this about Dennings: "Both are five-foot-four-inch Jewish girls whose curvy top halves upend their bottom halves, and both, curiously, were home-schooled." So, hey, all you Jewish, home-schooled girls with big boobs out there, you too could be the next Winona Ryder. Yep.

That's really all I have for tonight. My brain is mushy, and I really just wanted to point out that many people could be the next Winona Ryder, department stores be warned. Oh, I joke because I love. Warren Moon that is.


Talking to Walls said...

Nice going Pat. Keep 'em coming.

If my new blog reaches 400, though, please send someone to find me and shoot me:


Anonymous said...

Congrats, man.

Thanks for keeping us in the know, and a smile on our faces.