Monday, January 26, 2009

Just Another Manic Monday

It amazes me that I've never used this headline before. I mean, this blog is called Blog Like An Egyptian, I tend to headline posts with the day of the week in them, and I've never used another Bangles song? Kind of weird, don't you think?

But today is a different kind of day. I feel like poo, a bit. I just woke up from a little nap, and naps always make me feel even more like crap. So, good times. But you don't care about all of this. Let's have some fun.

I was out of state for a bit of this weekend. You want to know what I learned? Well, there is a card game called Phase 10. I don't believe it to be real. Has anybody else played this game? If you were to play best of three, since this game is all about getting the lowest score, wouldn't the winner be the person with the lowest combined score? I would think it would be just like golf and the Tour de France. I just make too much sense, right?

What's going on right now, though? My friend SJ published a blog post inspired by my Thursday diatribe about PDA. She looks at the big mistakes guys do when dating. There are some revelations here. I mean, who knew that women didn't like to be groped in public? That's one of my best moves. Although, seriously, one of her subheads is "Sand Paper Face." I must admit that this is a problem of mine. I tend to shave every couple days, which means I'm typically a little scruffy, and that, of course, does not feel good to a woman when they're getting kissed. It's a problem. Maybe I should go to counseling? After I finish this here blog post, I'm going to comment on SJ's entry with a little bit of a male perspective. Check that out.

What else? Well, "Paul Blart: Mall Cop" topped the box office for the second week in a row. I don't think this is a sign of the apocalypse or anything, but I do know it's something that makes my co-worker Joe Amarante very happy. He's never seen "Mall Cop," but he believes he's going to love it. Of course, Joe brought a new Derek Jeter picture to work today to put in a frame. This means that Joe's desk has two separate framed Jeter pictures. Jump to your own conclusions.

I have a friend that claims she's amazing at the game of Memory. Well, here's some fun Memory for everyone. Is should help get you even more excited for the Oscars.

I plan to win this contest. I just wanted you guys to know that.

The SAG Awards crowned "Slumdog Millionaire" last night. Even I couldn't bring myself to watch this show. I just couldn't. Just couldn't.

A new season of "The Amazing Race" will premiere on Feb. 15. I used to watch the show, but, I admit, I haven't seen it since they had that family version a few years back. That was the definition of jumping the shark.

Does anybody really care if John Rich got married? I mean, seriously? The guy makes bad, generic music, and his band isn't even that popular. So ...

So Andy Pettite turned down $10 million from the Yankees, and now he said yes to $5.5 million. Poor guy. How's he going to feed his family? If only the Yanks would resign Bernie Williams, Joe Amarante would so happy.

Oh, my, please, please, please, never mention Barbaro in the press again. It's a damn horse. It died. OK, let's move on people.

This kept me from going to Prime 16 yesterday. I hope it's under control now. I wanted a big burger badly.

I guess that's all I got for now. Here's a video to enjoy. What is it? Well, I'm glad you asked. I love the new Animal Collective record. This is a video for "My Girls."


sj said...

1) i didn't think anyone else ever played phase 10. i'm terrible at it, but i still love it. it's like.. complicated uno combined with yahtzee. my favorite is still setback though.

2) thank you for the shout out. i can't wait to hear your perspective, as it certainly will make me laugh. but really - maybe not counseling. but maybe consult with your paramore. is that the proper use?

3) i played memory with my 3.5 year old nephew about a month ago and was instantly scared of early onset dementia. i need the practice.

Anonymous said...

No video this week?