Thursday, January 08, 2009

Return Of The Video


Anonymous said...

Lord knows, we love you too.
In a chaste, brotherly way, of course.

Anyway -
It would be pretty great if Brad and Angelina would name one of the next moppet orphans they adopt "Peach."

Is this mic on?...

P.S. -
"Revolutionary Road" was the big budget "Rachel Getting Married." Depressing, depressing, depressing. I think I like the brain damaged guy more than anyone else in the movie. After this buzzkill and "The Reader," Kate Winslet should really look for a teen comedy to do next. How much dreary angst can one person subject themself to? Anyway, I guess it was well made, but I'd only recommed this movie to someone with a pocketful of antidepressants.

And - oh yeah - "Benjamin Button" had great makeup/special effects, and... Well, that's the only thing about it that I thought was great. It was like Forrest Gump, backwards.

Anonymous said...

Good lord, brother.
Those Golden Globes...what a mess.
Although kudos to the Hollywood Foreign Press for recognizing Slumdog.

I look forward to your detailed blow-by-blow.

But moreover, I hope you choose to do your next video in fully Mickey Rourke regalia. And I'm talking Golden Globe regalia. Human train wreck.