Sunday, January 04, 2009

'Man' oh 'Man'

I'm not one to make definitive statements or anything, but ... Wait, why am I lying? I make a whole lot of definitive statements, and I enjoy making them. So why stop?

OK, I will admit that I am mostly watching this Eagles-Vikings game, rooting for the Eagles to win for two reasons. One is that I think it will make for a much better game against the Giants next weekend. And, secondly, my good friend Tommy is a die-hard Eagles fan, so it'd be good for him, especially since he has to live through watching the Mets blow division leads each year.

Anyway, so I started flipping through the channels, and on this station way near the end of the digital-cable dial is "Encino Man," the most underrated dumb movie of all time. Yes, the most underrated dumb movie of all time.

I've been on this earth just about three decades, so I've seen a lot of movies. And I've seen a lot in theaters over the years. My memory might be a little hazy, but I think I've seen "Encino Man" in a theater more times than any other flick. I remember my friend Paul and I seeing it about four times after catching it late at night in some movie theater in West Dennis, Mass., back in the halcyon days of 1992.

The flick came out before Pauly Shore got annoying, before Sean Astin stopped aging and became weird to look at, back when Megan Ward was really hot and, most importantly, it never asks Brendon Fraser to do something he can't do, like act. Oh, yeah, even Rose McGowan shows up in a cameo.

Even right now, having seen this comedy at least 50 times over the years, I'm still laughing as Sean Astin tries to teach Brendan Fraser how to talk. It only takes about three minutes. And Fraser was frozen in a block of ice for centuries and centuries. Amazing stuff. I must have seen it at cinemas around Massachusetts five or six times, right at the same time that the grunge was making me love Pearl Jam and dislike Poison.

If I were you, and, you know, I'm not, I would buy "Encino Man" on DVD. It'll be the gift that keeps on giving. Like herpes or something, but better.

In other news, remember to listen to me on 99.1 WPLR's "The Local Bands Show" at 10 tonight. You can listen online here.

That's all I got. Watch the "Encino Man" trailer above. And, remember, "The cheese is old and moldy." Good times.

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Anonymous said...

Talk about nostalgia...I had the same experience. In the wake of your announcement about the radio appearance, I went around the house trying to find a radio. Sad to report that I couldn't find one. Oh sure, there's always the PC, but...

I remember growing up when having your own radio or boombox was a status sign among your peers. In fact, I recall my brother showing off his new AM/FM radio to his envious friends (then refusing to listen to much other than WABC [when they used to play music]) or PLR. Well, WABC is no longer music, but PLR is still chugging away. And radios have - for the most part - evaporated into history. Sort of like Brendan Fraser's career.

But I digress.

Break a leg tonight!