Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Terrific Tuesday

If you're like me, or any other rational, non-crazy person, you don't like moving. But for the last four days, I've been doing just that: moving from one apartment to the next. It's been a pain in the bum, especially since I've had no Web or (basically) cable for the last four days.

I only went from one place in my building to an other, so I didn't pack or anything, but I must have made 3,459 trips up and down the stairs. Good times. I lost everything important in the very few boxes I did pack. Cellphone charger? I wish I knew. Important stereo cables? Got me. At some point very soon, though, I should find these things.

In the meantime, I haven't updated this here blog. To be honest, I was going to wait till tomorrow, but I promised an update today, so that's what's happening. I am a man of my word. This is true. Remember that.

So let's start with the announcement that "Prison Break" is calling it a day after a handful of new episodes. As any longtime reader of this blog knows, I really fell for the show in its first season. I couldn't get enough. I remember running home from work every Monday, picking up a pizza and watching it with a friend. This is very unlike me. I honestly watch very little non-sports-related television. But the show got too far off course, starting trying too hard and I haven't seen it since early season two. Someday I'll rent all the DVDs, but, for now, it's good that this thing is coming to a close. How many limbs could T-Bag lose?

What else? I always thought Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner seemed like normal Hollywood people. Apparently not. Sadly, the couple has named their newest kid Seraphina. I mean, don't people understand their kid is going to be mocked? They just don't care because having a child with a sort-of-unique name is more important to them.

Melissa George is going to quit "Grey's Anatomy," just a bit after signing on to the show. She only has nice things to say about the other actors, but there has to be some reason she's leaving. Maybe it's because the show is a sinking ship. These kinds of soaps last about five years, get ridiculous and then slowly lose its audience. It's happening.

Before Scarlett Johansson thinks about directing, she should figure out how to, um, act. I mean, she's only 24 so she has plenty of time, but to say things like this ... it's just funny.

That's about it in on this end. I leave you with a video. Of what, you ask? Well, I was listening to my iPod on shuffle at the gym this morning and this song came on. I love it. So here's Beulah's "Landslide":

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Caldor said...


Happy New Year. Did you know that you have a wikipedia entry? Congrats on achieving such internet fame. As I read your wiki, I was half expecting to find that you are most well known for having panned Archuletta's album and the subsequent harrassment by millions of tweens the nation through. The Springsteen gag is a good thing to be known for too.

Talk to you soon,