Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Tidbits For A Tuesday

Here we are on this cloudy Tuesday. It's still a happy day. Do you want to know why? Because tonight is both trivia and Kill the Keg night, two things that will make me a very happy boy. But you're not here to hear about what I'll be doing with my upcoming Tuesday night, are you? You're here for some entertainment info, so let's get to that.

We can start with something I've been meaning to mention for the last couple days: The New Haven Cold Stone Creamery is now a thing of the past. The store closed. I must say this is a tad depressing because I've walked by countless times (and even been in a few times with friends) and never actually tried anything. I've always meant to do that. You see, I'm not much of an ice cream or dessert guy, so I usually just don't want any. And I was always hear the voice of my health nut of a little brother in my ear when I think about Cold Stone saying, "It could give you a heart attack just walking by and smelling too much." Sadly, that voice isn't audible when I end up at KFC or something.

What else? Well, it seems Jennifer Love Hewitt is no longer engaged, meaning a bunch of 20somethings and 30somethings who remember her from "Can't Hardly Wait" and all those lame horror movies are rejoicing their new chance with her. Or maybe not.

"The Bachelor" premiered again last night, and a new lineup of particularly crazy women are lined up to nab a dude who has no problem exploiting his child.

The guy who co-founded the legendary and influential Kraftwerk is leaving the band. Here's my question though: Did anybody realize the group was still together, anybody but die-hard fans?

The Stooges' guitarist was found dead
. It's a sad day for fans of punk.

Does anybody care even a little if Lindsay Lohan is still dating her DJ girlfriend? I mean, seriously? Who cares? I know this has been written countless times before, but there was a day when Lohan seemed like she could be a good actress for a long time; now she's just a joke. A big one. Although from what I gather, her parents are completely nuts and Lindsay herself has grown up in the spotlight, so should we expect anything else?

When did it become OK for people not to care about the fact that Roman Polanski did, in fact, have sex with a 13-year-old girl? I remember after "The Pianist" came out, people felt bad that he couldn't be at the Oscar ceremony. It's crazy. He raped a girl. That's it. End of story. He should go to jail. Not make more movies, no matter how good they are.
Lance Armstrong is a baby-making machine. Soon, he'll have more kids than he does bicycling trophies.

It looks like Rip Torn likes to drink and drive, and this time he's done it in our own, wonderful state. Isn't the obvious joke something about his name being Rip, so it makes sense he's ripped?

What else? Well, not much. I'm calling it a day on this here blog. But before I do, I want to mention that I was indeed wrong, and David Archuleta's album has gone gold. Billboard's numbers are, apparently, wrong.

This doesn't change anything I wrote yesterday at all, but it was a mistake and should be corrected. I am not posting any of the 25 or so comments, though, because many — not all — of these fans clearly have mental issues. Let's leave it at that and if you ever see me in a bar, ask me and I'll tell you some funny stories.

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sj said...

wow. i guess all of those urban legends about the poor um.. motility?.. of guys who wear tight spandex pants all the time are completely debunked. and didn't he have testicular cancer? (maybe i'm confused. i'm going solely on my recollection of his cameo in dodgeball.) wow. good for that guy.

as to j. love. she constantly astounds me with her ability to look so completely and utterly disastrous to looking completely and utterly fantastic.

of course, i may have that transformation ability too. it's called "beer."