Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tonight And Tomorrow

So I'm just about to head out to teach a class, but I thought I'd remind folks of two things. First of all, The Presidents of the United States of America are at Toad's Place tonight. Yep, you can see "Lump" live. Heck, you can also watch the video below. Woo hoo.

What else? Well, tomorrow yours truly will be a guest on Channel 8's somewhat new show "Connecticut Style" at 12:30 p.m. I have to get to the station for 9 to film, so I may be a zombie. It'll be OK. I will drink more coffee than imaginable beforehand.

OK, more later. We'll talk when I post Weekend Preview.


Anonymous said...

Were you on CT Style today?
We watched and...didn't see you!

Anonymous said...

Me too.
I TIVO'ed it.
Now I have 30 minutes of Gil Simmons and some guy pouring drinks.
What gives?