Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Dancing Steve

I've never actually watched an episode of "Dancing With the Stars," but that will change this season. Now, I really have no interest in watching people dance or anything, but I want to see what Steve Guttenberg looks like.

As someone who grew up in the '80s watching the "Police Academy" series, I have a soft spot in my heart for Steve, who just couldn't get many roles when the '80s became the '90s. Guttenberg is like hair metal and all the actors that took parts that could have been his are like grunge. That makes perfect sense, right?

Anyway, I guess the cast of next season's "Dancing with the Stars" was announced yesterday. It includes Adam Carolla, Shannon Elizabeth, Monica Seles and a bunch of other people who haven't been in the news in a long while. Go Steve Guttenberg.

In other news, a killer show is going down at Toad's Place tonight. Jason Isbell, Will Hoge and Dawn Landes will all perform. Be prepared to pay close attention to Landes (that's her above). Her upcoming record, "Fireproof," just refuses to leave my CD player. I try to take it out, and somehow, magically, it ends up back in there. Seriously, though, she's great. Don't miss her.

I could care less that Pink and her husband are breaking up, but maybe you do? I mean, this stuff is kind of predictable and inevitable, right?

I've written about this before, but this story just makes me mad. Shouldn't this boy's mother step in? It's like this family wants the spotlight and will do anything to keep it. I propose a band on all things Crocodile Hunter related because they just make me mad. OK?

So Lindsay Lohan is getting naked for a magazine ... and it's not Playboy. Well, that'll come soon enough, I bet.

Look at this photo of Sharon Stone. Man, she's had a hell of a lot work done. That doesn't bother me, though.

This story talks about the tour bus driver for the Spice Girls. Now, the piece says they haven't named the driver yet. I saw "Spice World." I know it's Meat Loaf.

It's a sad day. One of my favorite magazines is folding. Yep, soon there will be no more No Depression, the mag that covers the alt-country, Americana scene.

I love Jim DeRogatis, and I thought "Juno" was a good movie. Jim didn't, and he's been writing about in his blog for a couple months. I really like his new entry, which I agree totally with, even though I liked the movie.

Well, that's it on this end. Have a good day, OK?

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