Friday, February 08, 2008

Stop It John McCain

As I sit here on my couch with a touch of a fever and the chills, I couldn't help but notice that John Mellencamp's publicist has sent a letter to John McCain. It seems Johnny Cougar wants Johnny McCain to stop using "Our Country" at campaign rallies and stops.

Now, I don't particularly care for Melllencamp or McCain, but can we all admit that if a candidate is using that awful, awful song as a theme song, we really shouldn't trust his judgement as president? Does McCain want to be a Chevy truck? I don't know.

All I know is that as president, McCain will have to make important decisions, much more important decisions than what his theme song is, and I now can't trust him to do that because he made such a poor decision in this case. That's it.

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Anonymous said...

Oh good Lord.

In the case of Mellencamp, wouldn't BAD publicity be better than no publicity at all? It's not as if anyone's clamoring to hear the new Johnny Cou-gar disc.

And as for McCain - it certainly demonstrates what lousy taste in music he has (almost as bad as the R&R Hall of Fame). I shudder to think of the inaugural ball if he wins - probably Willie Nelson with opening act, Billy Vera and the Beaters.

And since you just can't make stuff this good up...

* Brittany's dad can fire her manager ('cause NOW he's taking an interest in her career? Where was he before the VMA's or that "Crossroads" movie?),
* Amy's visa didn't come through in time for her to make the Grammys ('cause if you're a rich, crazy rock star, there's almost NO way you could make it from England to Los Angeles in two days, not even on a chartered jet, right?),
* the CW has cancelled WWE Smackdown - meaning the next time you'll see a wrestling match of any consequence will be between Hillary and Obama at the Democratic Convention. No word yet on the theme music...

P.S. -
Sorry to hear you're under the weather (I was going to say, "Sorry you're feeling like poop", but I figured that might be like saying "Pokomoko" to that creepy convict in the Abbott & Costello movie. Anyway - hope you're back on point in time for the Grammys. Looking forward to your take on the proceedings.