Tuesday, February 05, 2008

What A Day For Music

It's not every day that so many great discs arrive in my mail. Today is seriously turning out to be like Christmas.

So, I listened to Stephen Malkmus' "Real Emotional Trash" first because, well, I just love Malkmus. I've actually grown to love his solo material than most of Pavement's output, which would have seemed impossible to me a few years ago.

Without writing a review here, let's just say that with each solo release, Malkmus becomes more and more of a guitar-wielding prog-rock ace. "Real Emotional Trash" has more guitar histrionics than some will be able to take, but, whatever. The disc is out March 18.

Next, I popped in "District Line" from indie rock legend Bob Mould. I heard a single from this record about a month or so again and have been so excited. Well, "District Line" delivers. I wouldn't call it Mould's best work since Husker Du, like the press release wants you to believe, but it's definitely his best record since Sugar's "File Under Easy Listening." A real return to form. The disc is out today.

Now, normally, I would have just listened to Malkmus again at this point. But I had already listened to Malkmus and Mould twice, so I went through my pile of CDs on my desk, and, for some odd reason, grabbed this record from Doctors & Dealers, a disc titled "Confessions of a Drunken Mind." Well, this is the best album I've heard in months.

Seriously, this Swedish one-woman band (that's her above) has created a gorgeous disc of bedroom pop. I'm typing this entry as I'm listening to the album for the fourth time in a row. I never do that. This is so good. It's a great combination of twee and, say, Regina Spektor. But, I'm a critic who never really "got" Spektor, so let's just say this is the record I wish she made because, then, I would have been at the forefront of the Spektor hype.

Now I plan to be the first critic to gush about D&D (look, I just gave the band a nickname!) Just be on the lookout for Doctors & Dealers, seriously. The disc is out April 22.


Dan said...

Stephen Malkmus is really good as solo! And I had to check out Doctors & Dealers - I'm now in love! Both easy on the ears and eyes:)

Pat Ferrucci said...

Glad you like them both. And, yeah, Doctor's & Dealers is so good, in both ways.