Friday, June 13, 2008

Friday Friday Friday

Well, I don't have much to say except wow. Wow. I'm just happy I didn't stop watching that Celtics game. Amazing.

Our online department went on a field trip yesterday, which explains why my video is not posted yet, so in the meantime, here's this link, which Jon Cooper would love.

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Anonymous said...

If I could be a little philosophically melancholy for a moment...

Ever since I got home from work today, I've been bombarded with the sad news on nearly every station, that Tim Russert has died. I had never paid Russert much mind up until a year or two ago. Then, when the Democratic donnybrook broke out between Obama and Clinton, and the presidential race began to heat up in earnest, Russert was there on the good ole TV nearly every night. I began to make it a point of catching not only "Meet the Press" but his one-on-one show on MSNBC, where he spoke with everyone from heads of state to celebrities. He was always so well prepared, and always seemed so interested, no matter to whom he was speaking.

What I think I appreciated most about him was the man's encyclopediac knowledge of politics, his personable yet very pointed interviewing style, and above all, the passion and exuberance he seemed to have for his work. I truly envied that. We should all be so lucky.

Tonight, watching his colleagues, normally stoic and unmoved reporters, fight back the tears while sharing fond rememberances of him, I began to have a greater appreciation for that which I probably knew but could not put my finger on earlier - namely that his passion excited your passion. He made you interested and made you care. There was a familiarity that his viewers felt when they watched him - this was a person to be trusted. Coworker after coworker spoke of how he was as exuberant about his life and family as he was about his work. Respectful of others, deeply religious, a warm and happy man.

So, what to make of all this? Well, not for nothing is there a comfort level in coming to this blog to check out the postings, and to pick up the Weekend section each Friday to see what you have to say. There is a familiarity that your readers feel, a level of trust and interest that you'll give us the straight skinny on what's happening, that you'll share some insights about what you like and what you don't, and that you'll throw in those personal stories that make it seem more like you're sharing an adult beverage with a friend rather than reading a newspaper column. Likewise, your videos are generally a pretty goofy and fun way to end the week, whether or not some of us will ever see the bands or the films you're talking about.

I know to some degree we're talking "apples and oranges" here. I'm not sure that presidential politics and New Haven entertainment news carry the same philosophical and intellectual significance. what? That's OK. To me, what all the talk of the past few hours has said to me is that journalists can touch our lives in unexpected ways, sometimes with their vast political knowledge and sometimes with music reviews and talk of their softball team. What do they have in common? These individuals - these journalists -are people whose exuberance and personality reach out across the page, across the airways or across the video screen. They are people with a passion for what they do. People for whom, at the end of the day, we wouldn't mind buying a good old adult beverage.

So, rest in peace, Tim. I raise a pint in your name.

And to you, PF - A pint is raised in your name as well. For keeping us in the know, for sharing pieces of yourself, and for digging what you do. Hopefully, you are enjoying REM as I write this. And, of course, that you'll share your unique insights on it with all of us out here in the blogosphere soon. The exuberane with which you employ your talents is much appreciated.

Peace out all.